Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CD Listening Party!

"Coming Home: A Jesus House Christmas" is the title of the new CD of original Christmas music by Jesus House artists. The listening party will be Saturday, December 15th, 2:00 - 5:00 pm at Pleasant Run Church of Christ, 2720 W. Kemper Road at the intersection of Kemper & Pippin. Suggested voluntary donation is $5.00 per CD to cover production costs. Artists you'll hear on the CD include but are not limited to Rick Mapes, Geoff Thurman, Randy Moody, Rick Roberts, Susan Rice, Marc O'Hara, Jennie Pitney, adamsfishyodor, Terry Fisher, Rick Marksberry, Barb & Steve Steffens, Michael Goldberg, Rick Nohle, plus a large cast of musicians, vocalists, and sound effects people who assisted in recording. Many of these songs were written specifically for this recording. Special thanks to Rick Marksberry for recording/engineering/playing on this project and Deny Brigance for producing, writing new music, arranging, and playing lots of different instruments. Come to listen. Come to hang out with friends. Come to buy a CD. In fact, buy a whole bag full! Spread the word!