Monday, November 22, 2010

Voyage of the Dawn Treader

The Chronicles of Narnia were books read and re-read during the Jesus House years.
The following review of the latest installment of the movie franchise is added here to reach as many people as possible. Yes, it's the same on I put on my Facebook page.
Hope you are planning to see the movie on December 10.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The following is a brief summary of some reactions and reflections on the movie. I viewed the film November 18 with a theater full of pastors, pastor’s spouses, and employees of Zondervan. A few children were present but not many. I’m leaving out a lot of details because I do not want to spoil it for others. There are no spoilers.

I urge you to plan to see the movie December 10 or at least opening weekend. As with all long-term franchises, the next movie gets the green light based on the revenue of the most recent. A strong opening weekend will probably result in immediate filming of The Silver Chair, which really needs to be made if for no other reason than the one I provide below.

My opinion of the film in one sentence: Not as good as The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe but better than Prince Caspian.

Strength: It’s a better children’s movie than Prince Caspian. I still do not like the casting of an older actor, Ben Barnes, to play Prince Caspian. It seemed the producers were trying to produce a teen movie and attract the Twilight crowd.

Strength: Will Poulter, the actor playing Eustace. He is fabulous. He doesn’t look like I imagined Eustace during 36 years of reading these books. but I’m not disappointed. He is the right blend of comic relief, narcissism, and serious reflection. The quality of his performance is enough to green light The Silver Chair. His presence also gives me hope that The Silver Chair will be another children’s movie.

Strength: The relationship between Eustace & Reepicheep.

Strength: Ramandu’s daughter. Wish she had more screen time.

Disappointment: The magical, beautiful moments. There were a few, but they were too short. One of the best was the arrival of Ramandu’s daughter but even this one was too short. Another was the first glimpse of Aslan, but it too was brief. There was nothing to rival the best magical moments in LWW; Lucy’s first entrance into Narnia or the first look we have of Aslan. These books need magical moments.

Disappointment: The battle scenes were difficult to follow. This might be corrected by release date because it was explained that post-production work is still being done.

Changes from the book: A plot devise is added to provide a quest to the story in addition to that of finding the seven lords. It’s an okay change.

Nice surprise: Yes, Peter & Susan make cameo appearances as does the White Witch.

A change I wish they had made: I was hoping they would bring Trumpkin the Dwarf along so Peter Dinklage would be back. He is a great actor who was not given enough in Prince Caspian. If you question my assessment of his ability as a actor watch The Station Agent then compare it with the character he portrayed in Elf.

To all my friends who are hard-core Chronicles fans/geeks: I believe you’ll like the movie. You want to see it on the biggest screen in your area.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Name the JH Christmas CD

The release date of the Jesus House Christmas CD has been delayed due to the time it takes to get everything recorded, mixed, duplicated, packaged, etc. So it will be released sometime before Christmas, 2011. But for now we need your creative help! The previous CD, the one distributed at the last reunion, was given a name that came through the minds of Terry Fisher and Deny Brigance. For this one we would like to tap into your mind. Yes, YOURS! We are announcing the official Name-the-Jesus-House-Christmas-C-D Contest and you get to be part of it. Submit your name either by responding to this note or emailing Deny or me. For me use:

Contest ends on Christmas Day, 2010. are wondering...what do you win? Good question.
At the very least, you'll get a free CD. Of course, lots of other people will get free CD's too, although there might be a small charge to cover materials, but we won't charge you.
Maybe we can get a bunch of the artists to sign yours. How's that for incentive?
We'll acknowledge you somewhere on the cover.
I'll publish your name on the Jesus House Blog.
Maybe I'll put your name on my Facebook page.
Maybe you'll get a free meal out of it, but no promises there.
Mostly you'll have the fun of naming the next CD!

Start submitting those titles. Look forward to reading your ideas.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

big hit!

adamsfishyodor was a big hit leading worship at Grace Church in Piqua. Thanks to the JH people who came. We had at least one JH person in each of the three services with nine in the third service! I'm officially done with my duties as Lead pastor at that church. July 11 I begin as Senior Pastor at Lawrence Avenue United Methodist Church in Charlotte, Michigan. Who knows when adamsfishyodor will surface again. Perhaps at a reunion near you!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

this is it, folks!

this sunday those legendary performers, adamsfishyodor, will lead worship at Grace United Methodist Church 9411 North County Road 25-A in Piqua, Ohio. Services are 8:15, 10:00 & 11:15.
don't miss this unique worship opportunity!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jesus House Day!

To: All Jesus House people in the Dayton/Cincinnati area
Re: Jesus House Day!

Sunday, June 13, adamsfishyodor (i.e. Christopher Adams, Terry Fisher & Kent Odor) will lead worship at Grace United Methodist Church in PIqua, Ohio.
Personally, I think every Jesus House person in the Dayton/Cincinnati area needs to attend one of the three worship services; 8:15, 10:00 & 11:15. Come to the last one and we'll let you take us out to lunch!
Many of you have said, "Hey, Terry, some Sunday I'm going to visit you at the church in Piqua." So far, Deny Brigance, John Jaffe, The Perkolaters with Wendy Wilson, plus Kent and Chris are the people who have visited. Deny's been here three times and John twice!

Time is growing short! My final Sunday at this church will be Father's Day, June 20. So, I've declared June 13, Jesus House Day at Grace United Methodist Church!
How can you refuse?
Mark your calendars, put it on whatever means of electronic system you use, look us up on MapQuest, and journey to Grace United Methodist Church, 9411 N. County Road 25-A in Piqua, Ohio

Just in case you cannot make it on June 13, and have a very good reason, of course I can't think of any good reasons, but perhaps you can, but just in case, you are welcome to visit another Sunday just know that I will not be here Memorial Day Weekend.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

jesus house mini reunion

April 18, in the afternoon a group of 30 or so gathered in a room at the Vineyard MotherShip in Springdale for a relaxing afternoon of great music. Eight artists performed a selection of songs which included, "the first song the lord ever gave me," a secular song, a hymn, and a personal favorite. We concluded with a joint performance worshiping together with Holy, Holy, Holy. You can view the performances on YouTube by searching for Jesus House Mini Reunion or following this link.

If you want to see the performances in order:
Randy Moody
Paul & Kim Niehaus
John Gould
Rick & Diann Marksberry
Terry Fisher
Jennie Daniel Pitney
Finale, Holy, Holy, Holy

It was a great afternoon which caused some of us to remember and miss the occasional intimate evenings at the JH which featured a small crowd with a solo performer like John Gould. The big crowds were great, but so were the small ones.

Hope you can make the next one.
And, yes, a Christmas CD is being recorded!

Thanks to Julie Daniel Green for the videos and the labor in putting them on YouTube.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

adamsfishyodor leads worship!

News Break...News Break...News Break
We've just confirmed the appearance of adamsfishyodor at Grace United Methodist Church!
Sunday, June 13, the famed trio will lead worship at three morning worship services. Chris Adams, Terry Fisher, & Kent Odor will once again grace the stage, sing some of their funny songs but also lead in worship. In MorningSong, the 8:15 service, they will lead classic hymns and contemporary worship songs in the other two services at 10:00 & 11:15. It will be a treat for these three good friends to be on stage one more time. Mark your calendars, tell your friends and neighbors, but don't let anyone you know miss this historic morning!

Grace United Methodist Church
2511 N. Co. Rd.
Piqua, Ohio

For more information, call the church office and talk to Steve.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

another Jesus House Reunion, the short version

Most of you have probably heard about this, but if you have not, apologies for not posting earlier.
Sunday, April 18, which is tomorrow, there will be a small reunion concert featuring Jesus House Artists. The details are below. Hope you can make it, if even for a portion of the afternoon. I will be late since I need to speak at three services in the morning and will not be able to make the start time driving down from Piqua. It will be a fun afternoon.
The concert will be in the Vineyard Resource Center Banquet Room

Our event is in the nature of a Coffee House with acoustic guitar performers. Coffee & tea will be available.

Sunday, April 18, 2010
2:30pm - 5:30pm
The Cincinnati TriCounty Vineyard Church (The Mothership)
11340 Century Circle E.
Cincinnati, OH

Each artist will be playing four songs:
1. Their first Christian Song
2. Their best / Favorite original Christian song
3. A secular song they have always wanted to play
4. A hymn or worship song

Tentative Schedule:
Randy Moody – 2:30
Paul & Kim Niehaus – 3:00
John Gould – 3:30
Rick & Diann Marksberry – 4:00
Terry Fisher – 4:30
Jennie Pitney – 5:00
5:20 - Finale: A song, pre-learned, played by all.