Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Perkolaters!

For anyone in the Cincy/Dayton/Lima area.
Sunday, December 6, The Perkolaters will lead worship at Grace United Methodist Church, Piqua, Ohio.

In case you're not sure who the Perkolaters might be, and their connection to The Jesus House, they are Jim Wilson of the Willouby-Wilson Band and Rick Fields of Prodigal. They will lead worship and perform a couple of their originals. Also, Terry Fisher will be speaking! And if that is not enough, the church serves donuts, coffee, & juice so if the message is boring, you can sit quietly eating your donut and drinking your coffee!

The services start promptly at 8:45 & 11:00 am. Yes, they start on time. Hard to believe isn't it? Prompt starting times from old Jesus House people...

The church building is located at 9411 North County Road 25-A and is less than a mile off I-75. If you are traveling north from Cincinnati, once you get to Dayton, keep going north past Dayton, to the second Piqua exit, (exit 83) turn right and you'll find the church after a couple of corn fields. It's a little over an hour drive time from Northern Cincinnati.

Hope to see many of you on December 6.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Was I allowed to have favorites?
That is, among our musicians?
I did.
If you have read this blog for the past year, you have seen an amazing list of musicians and other performers. Some were more effective than others. Some we scheduled many, many times, others appeared only once. Some were requested by others and I could never understand why. Others were some of my personal favorites. Below I'm going to list a few of my favorites and why they were my favorites. If your name or your favorite artist is not listed, that only means you did not make the list this time, I might do this again in the future.

Anyone who has attended the reunions has probably heard that John Gould played the Jesus House more than any other artist. One reason is because he played through out the 14 years of the ministry.

A few days ago, I was wondering which artist played the Jesus House in the most different incarnations. Dave Workman would qualify since he played as a soloist, as a member of the Paul & Dave Band, as a member of Pridigal (as bass player and drummer) and also, as a drummer for one incarnation of the Terry Fisher Band!

Deny Brigance certainly qualifies because he played as a soloist, as a member of Monk, a member of Steffens-Brigance plus several other bands he assembled for one-time concerts.

I believe Rick Marksberry probably takes the prize. Rick played at the House in a wide-variety of musical incarnations. He played as a soloist, as a back-up musician for people like Jim Bankowski, Tony Ross, Terry Fisher and probably many others I'm forgetting. He was a member of at least three bands; 'Cinnnati, Windfall and, the ever lovable, Dead Rat Road Band. Rick also performed with his wife, Diane. One of the reasons Rick performed with so many people was his versatility as a musician. He played guitar, fiddle, peddle steel, and banjo. He also plays piano & drums but I do not remember him playing either of those instruments at the House. If you attended the last reunion, you saw Rick & Diane in charge of the sound for the day, plus he played in the Super Group (see Youtube). Rick was also instrumental in recording & mixing many of the tracks for the JHCD besides singing and playing various instruments.

So now that I have that musing out of the way, on to my list of some of my favorite performers. Remember, this is not an exhaustive list, just six I chose for today:

6. Deny Brigance. Besides being the second performer to bring a set of drums to the House, Deny consistently showed that he had a deep love of music and a deep love for Jesus. He brought variety, new music, and one of the best rock & roll screams ever! Besides all that, Deny provided us with some of the best harmonies to flow through our sound system.
5. John Gould. Yes, he played more often than anyone, but besides that, John was musical perfection. Vocally and instrumentally, John was always in tune, a major accomplishment for many of us in those days, but also brought a depth of message that few others could equal.
4. Rick Mullins. Sure, sometimes Rich was hard to work with and at least one time he completely bombed! Hard to believe. Of all the great song writers we had, and we had great ones, Rich had more music flowing out of him than anyone. He was hard on our piano, but I always felt bad we didn't have a better instrument for him to play. At least the last time he played at the house, on an off night during our final year, when he happened to be in Cincinnati we were able to provide him with an electric grand so finally we heard him play an instrument worthy of his ability. Rich's creativity inspired the rest of us to greater heights.
3. Randy Matthews. He started it all. There was never a voice with more passion, intensity and energy. For those around in the early months, you had the pleasure of hearing him nearly every week. Randy was the first. Years later, every time he visited he was powerful. Among all the soloists with a guitar in the Kingdom, Randy was the only one who achieved the intensity and volume of a band all by himself.
2. Prodigal/Crossroads. They started as Crossroads but changed their name when they began recording; too many other Christian bands named Crossroads. Though it took them awhile to finalize a solid line up, especially filling that pesky bass player role, once Rick, Loyd, Mike & Dave became the band we knew as Prodigal they were an incredible musical and spiritual force. One of my favorite bands to preach after. I also loved opening for them. When we could no longer have them at the House (their sound system would not fit) it left a ministry hole. Fortunately that hole was filled by the next band.
1. The Willoughby-Wilson Band. The other favorite band after whom I loved to speak. They were creative, solid and always exhibited a desire to serve. I was blessed to open for them in many other concert settings. Only once did I have to play after them, at 2:00 am in Washington Court House during an all night youth concert. What were we thinking? One summer they even became a house band at the JH, playing once a month. It was great to have them so consistently.

These six acts consistently reached people at deep spiritual levels, exhibited consistent quality of music and tried hard to fit within the context of the Jesus house Ministry. Rarely were they compensated and most turned it down when we tried. I will forever be grateful to them, and to other artists not mentioned in this list for the willingness to let God use them at the place we called The Jesus House.

NOTE: Some of you might be interested to know that on December 6th, Rick Fields, from Prodigal, and Jim Wilson, from The Willoughby-Wilson Band who sometimes perform together as The Perkolaters will be leading worship at Grace United Methodist Church in Piqua, Ohio. Services are 8:45 am & 11:00 am. Terry Fisher, former runner of things at the Jesus House and currently Lead Pastor of said church, will be speaking. Everyone is invited to visit. The church building is located at 9411 N. Co. Rd. 25-A right off I-75 in Piqua.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

and one more thing...

Okay, I know, I told you I was finished, but, well, you see, things keep popping up that I need to share.

In a recent email, Deny Brigance sent the following observation:

"It struck me this morning that one of the things I like about the legacy of The Jesus House is that, back in those days, it was demonstrably clear that there is only one Church. Only Jesus Christ makes real church members. And now, years later, as we've all gone our semi-separate ways denominationally, or at least with customs and practices if not doctrine, it's nice to have something going on from time to time that points up the reality of the One Church."

Deny's thoughts reminded me of a postcard I received from Sheldon Vanauken in 1987, after the Jesus House was closed. Some of you will remember Vanauken as the author of A Severe Mercy, a popular book around the Jesus House in the late 70's and early 80's. Vanauken wrote a later book titled "Under the Mercy" which chronicled his spiritual journey. One of the experiences he related was his move into the Catholic Church. I was not bothered that he joined the Catholic Church but I wanted him to elaborate on the one of the reasons; which was that he concluded that it was historically the one true church. I've never believed that any of our non-profit organizations we call churches can represent the "one true church" leaving all the others out, so I was surprised that he gave that as one of his reasons. In his response to my question, printed in small writing on both sides of a postcard was, "the Catholic Church is the ancient church, founded by St. Peter in the days of the legions of Rome. It wrote the creeds which include; 'I believe in one, holy, catholic, and Apostolic Church.' That did not mean some invisible, nice collective of Christians wherever they might be gathered. It meant the church: priest, bishops, sacraments - Above all, sacraments - which require priests. Christ is indeed present when two or three are gathered in His name, of course, but that is not the church, not the sacraments, not the teaching authority of the apostles (bishops)."

Receiving the postcard from Vanauken was an interesting experience for me. I had never previously written one of my favorite authors. Lewis and Tolkien were both gone before I read any of their books. I was amazed he took the time to write. I was also amazed by his response. Since I don't believe you need to have a priest or any ordained person in order to baptize or serve communion, then his point about needing the Catholic church in order to have sacraments would never point me in that direction.

Of course, his reasoning that the Catholic Church was founded by Peter in Rome leaves out the Greek Orthodox Church founded in Constantinople at the same or possibly earlier time. For some years the Bishop of Rome and the Bishop of Constantinople had conflict over who was more powerful and who was really leading the church. Eventually, they stopped trying to work together and the Roman Catholic Church and Greek Orthodox Church grew out of that. Yes, I just simplified a journey of history that took many years to develop, but this is a blog not a history book.

Vanauken found the move into the Catholic Church comforting and an aid to his spiritual growth. I'm glad he found it so, but I'm still perplexed that he was looking for the "one true church" among the organizations that have been started by human beings in our attempt to worship God. Although there were times when we thought we had a little better understanding of God than others, we were usually brought back to the reality that we were human and prone to mistakes, while trying out best to worship God in spirit and truth. Deny's thoughts reminds us that the Jesus House was then and still is an eccentric collection of Christians from a variety of backgrounds. I like that. I hope you do too. If you don't, we'll just disagree on that point, okay? But we will not start a new denomination over it.

Music Update
There is, in the works, a new recording project for JH people. A collection of original Christmas songs will be written, recorded, and released on CD by Christmas 2010. Several songs have already been submitted. Stay tuned for more updates.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Final Things...for now.

A year ago I started this blog as a means of recording some of the history of the Jesus House but also to prepare us for "The Next and Mostly Likely Final Jesus House Reunion" that occured last May as well as the Jesus House Recording, It's About Time, which was made available at the reunion.

This is most likely the final entry for this blog. Of course, with me, you can never tell. If tomorrow I think of a new entry, it will be here. Thank you to all who have responded to this blog either here, in emails, phone calls, and in person. It's been rewarding to remember the ministry and record those recollections.

The Jesus House was a unique ministry that tried to share Jesus in ways that, at the time, were not common in other settings. It was a great outlet for musicians to develop their art. It was also the place where many people first encountered Jesus then experience spiritual maturing.

For those of us who had the pleasure of working on the staff, it provided us with a place to learn how to be leaders. We made lots of mistakes, sometimes learned from those mistakes, and occasionally did something right.

Beyond anything else, I hope we gave honor to the the Creator of the Universe.

Terry Fisher

Artists Who Played the Jesus House the 3rd, 4th, & 5th Saturdays of September: The first name is for the third week, etc...

1972 - Sharon Wilson, Vicki Eaton, Rich Davis & Terry Fisher all in one night; Dan Stenerson; Mark O'Hara
1973 - John Gould; Virgil Warren & Rising Hope; Randy Moody
1974 - Mark O'Hara, Kent Odor & Terry Senters; Kevin & Mark
1975 - Kent, Mark & Tony; Terry Fisher
1976 - Terry Fisher; Prodigal
1977 - Selah; Rick Roberts
1978 - Rising Hope; Andy Danzl; Carolyn Randell
1979 - Sharing Night; Harriet Lewis; Rishing Hope
1980 - Harriet Lewis & Hog; Stephens-Brigance
1981 - Cathy Snyder; Rick & Diane
1982 - Revelation; Jon Owens
1983 - Bill Williams; Phil Parshel, Mo Dunn

That's All Folks!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

artists, where did they come from?

Starting the Jesus House with the idea of hosting a weekly Christian concert was itself a leap of faith.
We did not have a list of potential artists to perform. We knew we couldn't have Randy Matthews perform every week. We assumed we would find people to play. And we did. Not always easily.

The first summer, when Randy left on a tour across the country, I took over booking artists.
We had a couple of artists scheduled but the first time I needed to find someone myself, I decided to go to the top.
At the time Nick Clooney had a daily television show in Cincinnati that featured a singer named Len Mink. A few months earlier we visited the set of the show and met Nick Clooney, Len Mink and others on the show. I decided we needed to have Len sing at the Jesus House so a couple of us drove down to the TV station, walked into the reception area and asked to see Len. Fortunately the receptionist, Cathy, remembered us and allowed us to see Len. Even though Len had a Methodist Church background, at the time he was not a Christian. He agreed to sing that weekend and had a great time with us. The next time Len sang at the House was a few months later, the very day he became a Christian! He was visiting Isabel Ricketts at her store, Christian Church Supplies which used to be on the corner of 9th and Vine right next door to a pornographic bookstore. Isabel was an amazing woman and a force for Jesus in those days. Isabel loved that her Christian bookstore was located in a rough part of town rather than out in the suburbs. Any time someone had a need, Isabel was ready to close the shop, take you in the storage room and pray for you. The storage room prayer meetings were famous. That was the place where Len prayed to receive Jesus. The following year, he left the Nick Clooney show to begin singing Christian music full time. He's spent years working with Kenneth Copeland. The last time I saw Len was in Spring, 1978. He was performing a concert at a friend's Methodist Church. After the concert Len took off his watch, gave it to me and said, "The Lord wants you to have this." It was a very expensive watch that was given to him by Copeland. Not sure why the Lord wanted me to have that watch, I don't think I had a habit of being late for things...

The First Two Weeks of September: The First Artist is week one, the second is week two
1971 - John Gould (This was John Gould's very first appearance at the House! It was also supposed to be my last night at the House. Well, that didn't happen...I stayed for 13 and a half more years. Was that too long? Probably, but cannot change history.)
1972 - Rick Markberry, Kent Odor
1973 - John Elliott, adamsfishyodor
1974 - Donnie Yazell, Terry Fisher
1975 - Kings Disciples, Stephens-Brigance with special guest Carolyn Randall
1976 - Kevin Boys, The Paul & Dave Band
1977 - Rick & Hodgie, second week is blank
1978 - Rich Mullins, Terry
1979 - Not sure who played the first week. I was in Oxford opening for Randy Matthews and Windfall. Many of the Jesus House people were also in Oxford for the concert. Rick & Hodgy played the second week.
1980 - Terry Fisher, Bill Williams
1981 - Geoff Thurmin, check the songs he has on Facebook. Good stuff, Bruce Kircher
1982 - Reaching Out, John Gould
1983 - Hodgie-Mapes, Dave Workman

So, What Gives?
So, what gives, Terry. I thought you were going to stop writing this blog in August. Not that you've been writing much lately, but who am I to complain???
I decided, since I started it last October, I would continue till the end of September so, for those of you who like things complete, you have access to every artist who ever played the Jesus House. At least...the ones who are listed on the official Jesus House calendar. As you have noticed, there are some gaps! So, there will be a few more entries then I will be done! Hopefully, I'll find time to print these off to place in my Jesus House Archives.
Two things to keep in mind. There is movement toward two additional reunion ideas. One is to have a smaller version of our reunion concerts featuring songwriters. The other is to have a Conglomerate Reunion. If these ideas materialize, you will find the info on the Blog as well as Facebook.
Happy Beatles Day!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

cultural icons

While in California recently my son and I stopped by Neverland Ranch and took photos standing by the gate. I was going to include one of those but for now the computer is not cooperating. The untimely death of Michael Jackson, a giant cultural icon, reminds me of the death of both John Lennon and Elvis. Both were bigger icons for me than Michael Jackson because they were personal musical influences. Even though I respected Michael Jackson's talent and accomplishments, he was never a musical influence.

I learned of Elvis' death when Rick Markberry showed up one summer evening in August to pick me up to go see a local band play at Bogarts and the first thing he told me after I opened the door was, "Elvis died." During our evening, we discussed Elvis, his music and the various ways he was a musical influence on us. I allow myself to eat a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich only in August and January.

A few years later, I returned home late on a Monday night in December from working at Bick's Driving School, turned on Monday Night Football just before Howard Cosell announced that John Lennon had been shot and was presumed dead. Rick Mapes, Hodgie and I sat up all night listening to Peter Leighton on Q-102 as he interviewed people and reported on Lennon's death. The season leading into Christmas, 1980 was very sad. That had been a very sad year for me anyway and his death was a continuation of grief.

It's amazing to think that the death of a cultural icon would have such a personal impact but as I observed the displays left at the Neverland gate, I understood how some of the fans were feeling. I have never visited either Graceland or the Dakota but I would like to.

Cultural icons impact us, influence us, and cause reactions in us.

For some people, the Jesus House probably fits the category of a cultural icon. It was something that impacted people in spiritual and cultural ways. I was always amazed when a new person to the Jesus House would respond with a comment like, "I never knew it was possible to have Christian music in a style that I like." We became so accustomed to the weekly concerts it was easy to forget that thousands of others never had the same advantage. We because accustomed to the different ways we did Bible study or small groups or experienced worship and fellowship together but many others only knew traditional church styles.

Besides the music, the Jesus House also impacted the way people dressed. It was always fun to see someone start wearing a certain style of clothing then over a couple of months see others adopt the style. (Remember leg warmers or Earth Shoes? Yes, both invaded the Jesus House although ten years apart) This also happened with things like Rubic cubes (summer of 1981 everyone had one!), tea drinking (winter, 1974 everyone drank Constant Comment!) and running (in 1979 everyone was running!). Yes, the Jesus House had a huge spiritual impact on people, but it was also a gathering place for shared culture.

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed the Third and Fourth Weeks of August

The Third Week of August

1972 - Doug Yost, Kevin & Doug, Mike & Blain
1973 - Vickie Eaton, Mike Wilshire
1974 - Conglomerate #2!
1975 - Mark O'Hara
1976 - Conglomerate #4!
1977 - Conglomerate #5!
1978 - Conglomerate #6!
1979 - Conglomerate #7!
1980 - Conglomerate #8!
1981 - Conglomerate #9, #9, #9, #9, #9 ...
1982 - Share-it
1983 - Conglomerate #11

The Fourth Week of August

1972 - Mark O'Hara, Vickie Eaton
1973 - Conglomerate #1! Camp Evergreen, not far from where I currently abode!
1974 - Wings of Deliverance singers, musicians, etc. A wild bunch! Also, Sherry Fayard & Sharon Wilson
1975 - Conglomerate #3!
1976 - Tony Ross
1977 - Jerry Gelesppi
1978 - ? It's blank.
1979 - Hymn
1980 - Share-it
1981 - Rob Rodebush
1982 - Share-it
1983 - Terry Fisher

August Occasionally had a Fifth Saturday. Here are the artists who helped us out on those Fifth Saturdays:

1974 - Rising Hope, Cliff & Dave
1975 - Sela
1980 - Prodigal
1981 - End O Summer Bash, Family Nite

Monday, August 10, 2009

another reunion

No, don't get excited. This is not news about another JH Reunion.
Some of the people who attended the JH Reunion in May are planning to attend the Summer of Love Three concert this Saturday, August 15 at the Riverstar Ballroom (formerly the Starlight Ballroom. Wasn't it called Moonlight Gardens many years ago?). Tickets are $20.00, music begins 7:00 pm. I'll be there when the doors open at 6:00 pm and try to reserve 1-2 tables.

This event is hosted by Haymarket Riot and features bands or musicians who played in and around Cincinnati in the 60's. Many of the bands are groups I remember hearing during my high school years. Deny Brigance, longtime JH performer and Executive Producer of the JH Recording Project will be performing with Haymarket.

Also on the line-up this year, Balderdash, The Daybreakers, Bill Bartlett, Sacred Mushroom and lots of others.
Check out the web site:
I attended last year and had a great time. Also, Steve Helwig from Haymarket attended the Jesus House Reunion, so I think we need to return the favor!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


A residual benefit of being on staff with the Jesus House included invitations to perform concerts or speak at churches, schools, campus ministries, camps, retreats and other ministries like the Jesus House. During those fourteen years I appeared multiple times at nearly every major college or university in the area including Miami, UC, Bowling Green, Moorhead and UK. Churches from a wide variety of denominations hosted me either as a speaker or concert performer. I was even a Lenten speaker for a Catholic church! One of my favorite speaking opportunities, one that never paid, was speaking in a Philosophy class at Colrain High School. I was invited the first time in 1978 and spoke in the class every quarter for the next six years. During that time, students at Colrain also invited me to be a Baccalaureate speaker twice. My purpose in the class was to answer student questions as a representative of Christianity. They were free to question me on anything concerning Christianity. Naturally, there were questions about evolution vs. creation, the existence of God, is Christianity the only way to God, why is the Bible so confusing, and may other, probing, challenging questions. I loved the interactions. The teacher, Mr. Colusi always made sure I provided information about the Jesus House Invariably, every time I spoke, students from the class visited the Jesus House the following Saturday night. The following is a fictitious account drawn from several experiences in the class.

"Can you prove heaven exists?"
That was the question from this class of high school seniors. They requested proof from me, the guest speaker in their philosophy class.
Proof before they would believe.
Did they want heaven to exist?
Was that hunger in their eyes?
Or were they hoping that this experience would once and for all settle the question and the answer would be no, heaven does not exist so ignore the rumblings in your heart. The stirring you feel for some other place.
They wanted proof. Proof of a place which cannot be visited, cannot be photographed, cannot be video taped, so how to prove.
I cannot prove.
Cannot give irrefutable evidence.
"No," I respond, "I cannot prove the existence of heaven. At least not any more than you can prove the existence of a cafeteria in this building. Is there a cafeteria?"
"Yes." Declared several students at once.
"Prove it."
"I've been there. I ate lunch there today."
"Proves nothing." I said, " You are giving personal testimony of a personal experience claiming you visited your fictional cafeteria. Jesus claimed to have come to us from heaven. The Apostle Paul wrote about being taken up to heaven either in bodily form or in a vision. The Apostle John described heaven as he saw it in a vision. Yet, these testimonies are not proof enough for you of the existence of heaven. For our purposes today, personal testimony is not enough. Try again."
"I'll go get some food and bring it to you."
"That only proves you have access to food. It does not prove the existence of a cafeteria."
""We will take you there."
"No. I won't go. I do not believe that this fictional cafeteria exists so why should I agree to be taken to a place that doesn't exist. I will not take direction to your mythical cafeteria anymore that you will take directions to heaven."
"You are frustrating!" says one of the students.
"Yes I am, but do you see the point?"
"You see, before I will accept any of the things you tell me about your cafeteria, I must first believe in at least the possibility that it exists. Until then, anything you claim is inadequate. In order for you to accept any of the proofs of the existence of heaven, you will need to believe in the possibility that it exists. I would like to take all of you to heaven. I would love to give you directions in how to get there. But first you must believe it exists or at least in the possibility it exists. This is a dichotomy of faith.

This Week in History: Artists Who Appeared at the Jesus House the First Two Weeks of August

The First Week of August:

1972 - Pam Coburn, John Gould, Kevin & Doug
1973 - Soul Purpose
1974 - John Gould
1975 - Larry & Carl
1976 - One Lane Road
1977 - Grant Edwards & Jon Owens
1978 - Tony Ross
1979 - Zion
1980 - Rob Rodebush
1981 - One Way Players, Grant Edwards
1982 - Minstrial
1983 - Slapstick Saints

The Second Week of August

1972 - Andie Frost
1973 - The Bozo Brothers
1974 - New Birth
1975 - Bob from Chicago (That wasn't really his name. I'm sure he had a last name, but it's not in my notes. I had him listed as Bob from Chicago...)
1976 - Sharon Wilson & Sherry Fayard
1977 - Joni Ridner
1978 - John Gould
1979 - John Gould
1980 - Blank date the week before Conglomerate.
1981 - Bill Williams (Now days known as the Reverend Billy Rose!)
1982 - Conglomerate Weekend featuring Brown Bannister as speaker and guest worship leader.
1983 - Deny Brigance

Monday, July 20, 2009


Spring of 1973 the Jesus House went to see Godspell. A touring production of the musical played at the Schubert Theater in downtown Cincinnati so the entire Jesus House staff (with dates and/or spouses) plus Alan Sipple (Methodist pastor extraordinaire!) and "Bud" & Cathy Downs (Pastor from Highview Christian Church) plus others whom I do not remember, trooped down to an evening performance. It was a great celebration, a great evening, and, for at least one unnamed couple, a really great first date!

The innocence of spirit of the production was inspiring. The songs, the method of presenting Jesus' parables, and the joyfulness of the cast infected us in a way that lasted till the summer, when the movie was released! I loved that John the Baptist used a bucket and sponge to baptize everyone. Occasionally we had baptism wars at the House (sprinkling vs. immersion) and, even though I fully participated in those zealous discussions (arguments?) I laughed when I saw the bucket and sponge. I turned to Alan and said, "He isn't using anyone's method!"

The following summer, when the movie was released, we endorsed it, encouraged people to go see it, and took groups whenever possible. I do not remember how many times I saw the movie that summer, but it wasn't till Star Wars in 1977 that I spent so much money on tickets to see the same movie over and over. adamsfishyodor ripped off some of the skits to use in our concerts, especially on our famed trip to Eden, North Carolina!

Part of the appeal of Godspell was that the play & movie captured a style of Jesus and style of Christianity for which we hungered. In many ways, the Jesus House, including the staff and those attending, were trying to define Christianity in a way that was pure, honest, Biblical and free of the stuffiness and traditional trappings that we observed in churches. Godspell, even though it was conceived outside the church, captured the simplicity and joyfulness of the gospel. It was not and still is not very deep, but for the time it was perfect. (Historical note: According to the JH calendar, there was a production of Godspell presented at the Greenhills High School Auditorium July 28 - 31, 1976 which we promoted. Do not remember who put together the production but tickets were only $2.00!)

Recently I watched the movie again, this time with my children, ages 23 & 16. They were not impressed. I tried to help them understand why it had an impact on me but could also see the cultural limitations within the movie that made it difficult for them to embrace and enjoy. I guess it's one of those things that fit a certain time and place.

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed the Third & Fourth Weeks of July

The Third Week of July
1972 - Steve Baxtor, John Chaney, Jerry Keever
1973 - Kevin Boys
1974 - Soul Purpose
1975 - Not sure who played because I was in Springfield promoting Conglomerate.
1976 - Rich Mullins
1977 - John Gould
1978 - Randy & Kent
1979 - Rick Roberts
1980 - Larry Bubb
1981 - Willoughby-Wilson Band
1982 - Wild Olive Branch Band
1983 - Bobby Maupin, Sharon Cook

The Fourth Week of July
1972 - Marc O'Hara & Linda Daniels
1973 - Rich Davis
1974 - Eighty people came to see someone, but the date is blank!
1975 - Jon Owens, Grant Edwards showed up from the One Way House in Springfield to promote Conglomerate!
1976 - Harvest, Grant Edwards (Promoting Conglomerate!)
1977 - Madison Gettman Jr. (A one-man band!)
1978 - Prodigal
1979 - Jim Bankowski
1980 - Prodigal, Grant Edwards
1981 - Lester & Marcus
1982 - Willoughby-Wilson Band, Grant Edwards
1983 - Ted Brickler

Artists Who Willingly Showed Up For The Occasional Fifth Saturday in July:
1972 - Rich Davis
1976 - Rising Hope
1977 - Kent & Randy
1978 - Windfall
1982 - Nori Kelly

Monday, July 13, 2009


The Jesus House was not a place for the King James Bible.
Even though it is a beautiful translation, in 1971 it was not for us.
I was not sure what "begat" meant nor "divers" nor "taketh" and all the Thee's & Thou's were for a different time.
When I did read aloud from the KJB I translated as I went and substituted words I thought were better or just left some words out.
For those of you who love the KJB, bless you, but it was not for a group of teenagers and young adults in spring of 1971.
For other translations, though, our options were limited. We had Good News for Modern Man and The Living Bible. A few people discovered Philips (one of my personal favorites) or the Amplified (too many words).
Good News became our staple in those early years. After all, there were drawings! The first book of the Bible that I read was Acts, a very exciting book for a young Christian who knew little or nothing about the Bible or Christianity. I was ready to be the next Stephen!

A man from Highview Christian Church once tried to convince me to use the KJV, his reasoning being that all those "young people" will eventually begin reading it so start them young. I told him I could not agree and even if Good News had some literary deficiencies, I was going to continue using it until something better surfaced. Admittedly I was young, immature and belligerent, but I think I knew something about my audience that he did not. We wanted the teenagers and young adults at the House to read and understand the Bible. Music and the Bible were our two big issues after making sure a person knew Jesus.

After a few years, we graduated to New American Standard, an incredible translation even though it lacks the poetic flow of the KJV. Once the New International Version was released, first the New Testament, then the complete Bible, the Jesus House became NIV central. We gave away inexpensive versions of the New Testament, then sold leather bound copies of the whole Bible. Of course we were excited because our own Dr. Foster helped translate it.

I still teach & preach mostly from the NIV although I really like the New Revised Standard Version and Philips. It has been amazing to see how American Christianity has moved away from KJV and embraced the NIV as well as many of the other contemporary translations released in the past 25 years. NIV is the biggest selling translation followed by the KJV.

I'm aware, though shocked, that there are still translation wars over the Bible. A few years ago I interviewed with a church that was contemporary in style but embraced the tired King James Only dogma. Perhaps heaven will contain a Hall of Fame for the Worst Christian Convictions of all time. If so, I believe the KJV-Only dogma will be prominently displayed, but that's only my opinion. As Larry Norman used to say, Curb Your Dogma.

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed at the Jesus House the First & Second Weeks of July

The First Week of July
1972 - Restoration
1973 - Christian Runion and her Dad! This may have been the first time a parent performed at the Jesus House. I'm pretty sure it is the only time a father/daughter duo played.
1974 - Jim Bankowski
1975 - Rick Roberts
1976 - Ed Gutfrennd (The only Catholic Priest to perform. Some of his best friends called him Father!)
1977 - Terry Fisher - Just after I graduated from college and just before a left for an extended trip to California.
1978 - Deny Brigance
1979 - Hymn
1980 - Rising Hope
1981 - Ice Cream - I'm pretty sure this is not the name of a group. It was the 4th of July so I believe we had an ice cream party instead of a musical guest then probably sent people away to find fireworks.
1982 - Ice Cream - We did it again! Only 30 people showed up for our ice cream so it must not have been very good!!
1983 - Share Night

The Second Week of July
1972 - Kent Odor
1973 - John & Sandy
1974 - John & Grant
1975 - Bob Clarke with Steve & Barb Steffens
1976 - Carolin Randall, Steve Young
1977 - Kevin Boys
1978 - Terry Fisher
1979 - One Lane Road
1980 - Zion
1981 - Pete Leighton
1982 - Variety Night
1983 - Phil Parchal

Close to Finished!
You've probably noticed that since the Reunion, I've dropped the entries back to every two weeks. This is primarily due to my schedule. I am planning to finish this blog by the end of August. If there are any questions about the Jesus House or topics you want me to cover, make your requests known and I will respond!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Movies were important to the Jesus House.
Unfortunately we did not possess today's technology to show videos easily, especially to show short clips from movies to help enhance messages. That would have been nice, very nice. Instead, people had to depend on my descriptions of scenes from movies as I shared them in my messages. For those of you who used to go see movies because of a recommendation from me, I urge you to see UP! It is amazing. A parable about the adventure of love, which is of course the greatest adventure of all. It is also a great adventure movie.

Even with our limited technology we occasionally showed movies. As mentioned in a previous blog, the animated version of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe was an Easter tradition for a few years. Also, during several summers we showed Francis Schaeffer's films series, How Should be Then Live and Whatever Happened to the Human Race. These were shown in their film versions thanks to Rick Mapes' friend Tom Rocklin loaning us his 16 mm projector. With the advent of video, Mike Stephens was willing to loan us his VCR for an occasional movie night. We viewed Somewhere in Time which made everyone want to fall in love. We also showed Something Wicked This Way Comes, which made everyone not want to go to a carnival.

We never got to watch Veggie Tales, which I'm sure would have been a big hit at the Jesus House. "No hair for my hairbrush..." Nor did we get to watch The Princess Bride, The Lord of the Rings, or any other of the hundreds of movies I could list that would surely be celluloid stapes for Jesus House people. So, due to the times and lack of technology advances, we missed out on a few experienes.

But, we also did not have to contend with people sitting during the concerts watching one of these movies on their cell phones...

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed at the Jesus House the Fourth Week of June

1972 - Teri Senters
1973 - The end of a blank month.
1974 - Monk
1975 - Sonshine '75 - The first year of the Sonshine Festival at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds featuring Randy Matthews, Chuck Girard, and other very early Jesus Movement artists.
1976 - Crossroads fBefore they were called Prodigal.)
1977 - Prodigal (After they were called Crossroads...)
1978 - Marc O'Hara (Never changed his name.)
1979 - Lynda Kemeny and Joe Kennedy (This night was unique in at least two ways. Joe Kennedy was the first and, I believe, the only person to ever perform at the Jesus House from a wheel chair. Lynda Kemeny was the only person to ever perform who was trained to sing opera and actually went on to a very successful opera career in Europe.)
1980 - Caroline Randall
1981 - Beth Cook
1982 - James Issac Elliott (One of the few people to sing who performed only country music, only wanted to perform country music, and even though he was from Michigan, looked and talked like he needed to perform country music. Good thing he moved to Nashville so his persona fit in.)
1983 - Rick & Hodgie.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Artists I Didn't Like

Occasionally someone will ask,
"Terry, were there artists who played the Jesus House whose music or performance you didn't like?"


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thots from Marc O'Hara

In response to the last entry concerning death, Marc O'Hara sent me his thoughts. I loved his sensitivity and insight into responding to death. The following is an edited version of Marc's thoughts. Thank you Marc for sending this and for allowing me to include this on the Jesus House Blog.

"This week's JH blog about death brought back some memories that I thought I'd share.

I don't recall the guy's name that died on the bicycle, but I remember an incident with him. Years ago I was driving to my job in Delhi from my apartment in Erlanger. I don't know what took me to downtown Covington. Anyway, I was heading up the street to the ramp that takes you on to the lower level of the Brent Spence Bridge and I had this thought come into my mind that I was to pick up a hitchhiker. It was your friend from the Bible Seminary and he was hitching back to school in Price Hill. As I recall had a good talk about his girlfriend and a job he just took driving a Taxi and was telling me about witnessing to people. A month later I heard about the accident. I remember how full of God's love this fellow was and thinking at the time that God had called him home.

I cannot recall this other guys name. I think it was Ken. He was a good friend of Len Mink. He worked at one of the TV stations and just accepted the Lord. I met him at a prayer meeting. Like the rest of us at the time, he was full of God's Love and wanting to share it with everyone. He was killed on a Cincinnati street in a brutal beating. As I recall there was a charity that bore his name. If I think about it long enough, his name will come to me.

Rich Mullins was an acquaintance to me. I never knew him well. When I heard of his death always felt like God called him Home. Rich was one of those people that you know was special. My best memory of him was a party that Ann Sparks, Pam Moore and ???? gave at a house they rented. I think he wrote the Lake Between the Hills about that area. Ed. Note: Actually they named the house in Montgomery after Rich's song. Once again, he played a really nasty piano. But at least it wasn't green. He sure could make those old out of tune Wurlitzer uprights sing.

Back when Odor and I were hanging out Kent told me about playing music at the funeral. I had never been to a funeral with music. I was impressed.

I spent a couple of days recently with Andy Danzl doing the CD. I vividly remember Andy's beautiful wife Alice and once spending an evening with both of them. She just learned she was pregnant. Heck I think all the FCC women were pregnant that year. I moved away to Middletown and lost track of folks. I was shocked to hear Alice had died. I didn't see Andy again until about 15 years later at the Northern KY Vineyard.

I think you may have left College Hill Presby when Hal and Marsha (Lucas) Erdmann's son died in a freak accident. I think he was only 19 or 20 years old.

Deb Smith's death was a shock to us all. She was a special lady."

All the people Marc and I have mentioned were very special people who found a way into our hearts. Never does absence speak so loud as when it is as permanent as death.

This Week In History: Artists Who Performed at the Jesus House the Second and Third Weeks of June

The Second Week of June
1972 - Marc O'Hara
1973 - Another Blank Month
1974 - Rick Roberts
1975 - Jim Bankowski
1976 - Jesus House was closed for the second annual Sonshine Festival in Hamilton, Ohio at the fairgrounds.
1977 - Sharon Wilson
1978 - Daybreak
1979 - Family Night (What, you ask, is a Family Night? Usually it was an evening that allowed a variety of people to share in a variety of ways. Some sang songs, some read things or told jokes. Sometimes we included worship.)
1980 - Hymn
1981 - Steffens-Brigance
1982 - A Blank Week

The Third Week of June
1972 - Talent Night (What's a Talent Night? Similar to a Family night but in an earlier time in our history!)
1973 - Still blank after all these years.
1974 - Agape Singers (Yes, as strange as it might seem to some of you, we did actually have a group appear at the JH that had "singers" as part of their name. It was a common thing in those days but not among the JH artists.)
1975 - Variety Night (What's a Variety Night? Is it just like the "Family Night" or "Talent Night" just a different name? No, actually. A Variety Night included a collection of scheduled performers most singing 2-3 songs but they were scheduled in advance whereas a Family or Talent night was spontaneous with no knowledge of who might perform. Sounds dangerous doesn't it? It was!)
1976 - Terry Fisher
1977 - Closed for the annual Sonshine Festival.
1978 - Marc O'Hara
1979 - Closed for the annual Sonshine Festival.
1980 - Closed for Sonshine.
1981 - Sonshine, again.
1982 - Sonshine, one more time.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

On Death

We didn't think about death very much in those days.
When a death occurred, we usually did not know what to do or say.
Our very first year, a fellow student at CBS who attended the House regularly was killed while riding his bicycle. It was not an easy experience. We knew he was with Jesus but we were not sure if we needed to cry or laugh for joy. During the next couple of years we had some parents die. Kent and I even did a funeral for a family who lived a few blocks away. It was a large family, most of the kids attended the House, and the parents loved the place. When the father died, his wife asked us to lead the ceremony. Kent sang Lord of the Dance and a few other songs and I delivered the eulogy.

In preparation for the Reunion, I looked through lots of old files, one of which contained photos from my surprise 30th birthday party. (No one was supposed to turn 30 at the Jesus House!) Two of the photos include Alice Wiggins Danzl, a dear friend who came to Jesus in her early 20's. How exciting it was to see Alice leave an old life, embrace the new life provided by Jesus eventually marrying Andy Danzl, giving birth to one son, before losing her life to cancer. She was a beautiful, remarkable woman who experienced a radical change in life direction after becoming a Christian.

Lately I've been thinking about death primarily because of two recent memorial services I've conducted. One was for my Uncle Bob, my father's last surviving sibling. I posted his eulogy on my Facebook page yesterday. If you are interested in reading it you are welcome to view it there. Uncle Bob was a great man who loved his family, his community and his church. Even with those positive guides his eulogy was still difficult to write because of the family connection. Many of us are now at the age where parents, siblings and other family members will be dying. Death is never completely easy.

A death that affected many of us was the untimely death of Rich Mullins. We loved Rich for his talent, his love of Jesus, and because many times he was just plain strange. He left an impact on the Christian music industry but for those of us who heard him beginning when he was 18 years old at the Jesus House those were personal songs that continue to be remembered. I have one recording of Rich from the last 30 minutes of an evening at the House that includes songs like Lake Between the Hills. It's fun to hear him play on that really bad piano and remember his early years of performing.

You were the first to go
But not the last to leave
Maybe I'll join you soon
But if I delay
Save me a spot
And when I arrive
Let's have a beer
With Jack
And all who went before

The relationships we established all those years ago have continued in ways none of us would have predicted. Even the relationship with people like Rich continues because of the bonds of love that were forged through many hours of prayer, conversation, music, meals shared and all the other elements of a life shared together. One of the verses I read at Uncle Bob's funeral is Philemon 7," Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you have refreshed the hearts of the saints." That verse applied not only to Philemon and my Uncle Bob but also to Alice, Rich and all who have allowed the Holy Spirit to flow through you to encourage and refresh others.

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed at the Jesus House the First Week of June

1972 - John Gould
1973 - Another blank month on the old Jesus House Concert Performers Calendar!
1974 - Not sure who sang, but 80 people attended!
1975 - Randy Moody
1976 - John Gould (The weekend of Dave & Deb Cain's Wedding!)
1977 - Madison Getman Jr and his Band of Angels.
1978 - Rich Mullins
1979 - Caroline Randall
1980 - Godshadows
1981 - Larry Bubb
1982 - Rod Ellis & Reaching Out
1983 - Risen Son

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cell Phones

For the Reunion, I prepared several observations to share, if needed, during set up between musicians. I did not share all of them, including the following.

There are many reasons I'm glad cell phones did not exist during the Jesus House era. One reason is because of the obnoxious ring tones some people choose to use at maximum volume levels! Imagine yourself, sitting on the floor, leaning on one of the pillows listening to Jennie Daniel Pitney sing one of her beautiful songs and suddenly you hear the Star Spangled Banner playing on someone's cell phone.

A few years ago, a man named Peter Laufer gave me a copy of a book he wrote titled, Wireless Etiquette. The premise of the book is that every new technology requires instruction in use. For cell phones, we need someone helping us understand when to have the ringer silenced, when to answer or not answer the phone, and when to leave it at home or in the car. I was in a small group Bible study one day when one of the members answered her cell phone and started a conversation. In grad school, one of the other students, a pastor, answered his cell phone in the midst of the professor's lecture!

I'll admit, I have a love and hate relationship with cell phones that goes beyond how obnoxious they can be. I also hate cell phones because they are not reliable. Because of advances in technology, we can check email, surf the web, and update our calendars. Wouldn't it be great if you could actually talk on a cell phone and not loose the connection? Be honest, how many of you have experienced a dropped call on your cell? Let's see a show of hands. Come on, don't be shy. Okay, see, everyone. (You say you didn't see those hands? I saw those hands, why didn't you?) Of course, the cell phone companies know the phones are unreliable. That's why one company used a national advertising campaign with the tag line, "Fewest Dropped Calls." In essence they were saying, "We know our product is going to fail you. We just believe we will fail you less often than our competitors. That's like McDonald's advertising, "We will burn your hamburgers less often than Wendy's" or Delta promoting, "Fly with us our planes crash less often than United." or a church advertising, "Fewer of our members go to hell than the church down the street."

Yes, I have a cell phone, in fact I've had one most of the time since 1995 but I still don't like them and really don't like talking on one. So, if you have my cell number, don't be surprised if I don't answer your call. It will just be dropped anyway...

This Week in History: Artists who performed at the Jesus House the 3rd, 4th & 5th Weeks of May

The Third Saturday of May:
1972 - Rich Davis, one of the early Christian musicians in Cincinnati.
1973 - No One Listed (Not the name of a band)
1974 - U.C. Players and Randy Moody This was also the weekend of the Concert on the Lawn at Shiloh United Methodist Church!
1975 - Kent Odor
1976 - Tim Hacker
1977 - Don Wetstine - The only musician I ever met who enjoyed singing at weeks of Junior High Camp!
1978 - Cindy Price, Tony Ross
1979 - Harvest Team
1980 - John Gould
1981 - Dove - And you always wondered, was there ever really a group named Dove. Now you know.
1982 - Deny Brigance
1983 - Nori Kelly

The Fourth Saturday of May:
1972 - Doug Adams, Bob Chick
1973 - A Blank Month (Also not the name of a band)
1974 - The Bozo Brothers (Kevin Boys & Andy Danzl)
1975 - Rich Mullins
1976 - Donnie Yazell
1977 - Latter Reign
1978 - Tom Black & Brent Eresman (Yes, the same Brent Eresman who play sax and flute on several cuts on the JH CD Project!)
1979 - Zion
1980 - Brent Eresman (Wait, didn't he just play, no, okay, that was two years before. What happened to Tom?)
1981 - Willoughby-Wilson Band
1982 - Terry Fisher, Rhema
1983 - Revelation Band

Artists Who Played that rare fifth Saturday:
1975 - A Rising Hope Weekend! Yes, folks we expanded into two nights for this special weekend. Unfortunately only 25 people showed up for Friday night. But we had 116, a decent crowd, for Saturday. We worked those Rising Hopers to death that weekend!
1976 - The Yahoo Band - A band from the One Way House in Springfield.
1980 - A special weekend with Jon Owens performing and Dr. Foster speaking.
1981 - Cathy Snyder
1982 - Sower

Where Are They Now?
Just before the Reunion, I heard from Cathy Snyder who is married to a producer, living in Columbus, still singing and recording.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rich Mullins Photo

Someone left a framed photo of Rich Mullins at the Reunion.
It's not the large one that was hanging on the wall. That belongs to Randy Moody.
It is a smaller one that was sitting on the table with the CDs. If it's yours, let me know so we can get it back to you.
If it's not yours, please ask your friends who were there. Help us track down the owner.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saying Goodbye

At the Reunion, Jennie sang a song, "How Can I Say Goodbye," which you can view on YouTube, just be prepared to cry. It joins "One Big Time in the Kingdom" as a celebration of the incredible relationships God grants us as we meet one another, celebrate together, become friends, learn to love and, sometimes, hurt one another. The grace of God becomes so real when one person is able to forgive another. Grace is also evident as we learn how to say goodbye to one another. The Reunion, the recording, and the preparation caused many of us to renew dormant friendships. It was exciting to watch people who had not seen one another in many years hugging, talking in animated conversation and sharing email information.

At the Jesus House we perpetually said goodbye to people. It was, by design, a transitional ministry. Our purpose was primarily to help a person become a Christian and start on the road to growth before connecting with a church. It's true that some people came around the House for years but those were exceptions.

Some came during high school years, others during college and still others as they embarked on young adult years. It was hard to see people move on to involvement in churches and stop showing up as often, but we never intended to be anyone's church. Around 1980, I briefly considered starting a new church out of the House but did not have a strong enough vision to begin the process.

Anytime we say goodbye, there is an experience of grief, which I think is the strangest of all emotions, or perhaps I should say, collection of emotions. Jennie's song perfectly captures the mix of emotions experienced when saying goodbye to a dear friend. It is a combination of sorrow over the loss of the friend, joy for the new experiences the friend will have, and deep aching that points us to regret over missed opportunities that cannot be recaptured.

When we closed the Jesus House, it was a decision Rick Mapes and I made. Initially we thought it would close, but re-open with a new, younger staff, and a renewed ministry to high school students. The Jesus House Board voted to confirm out decision to close, but not re-open. The unfortunate part of our decision is we did not allow people time to grieve and prepare for the closing. I've apologized to some of you individually over the years but now I'll apologize to all of you. The decision was the right one, but the method of saying good bye was not good. I sang the last night we were open, then announced our closing. I'm sorry we never had a farewell celebration. These reunions have been good for many reasons and one of them is it has allowed us to have that farewell celebration.

The closing of the Jesus House shows that sometimes, even good things end.

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed the First Two Weeks of May

The First Week of May
1972 - Randy Matthews (Our founder returned for the first anniversary)
1973 - No artists listed for the month of May, 1973. I don't think I was on vacation.
1974 - Marc O'Hara
1975 - Donnie Yazell
1976 - Diakonoi, Andy Danzl
1977 - Ken Atkinson (The day after Terry Fisher finally graduated from CBS after six long years!)
1978 - Mark Ryman
1979 - Another blank date???
1980 - Cathy Snyder
1981 - adamsfishyodor (Our tenth anniversary!)
1982 - Brethern
1983 - Linda McCay

The Second Week of May
1972 - Grant Hammond (Our Second Director returned as a continuation of our first anniversary celebration)
1973 - The Blank Month
1974 - Terri & Ric
1975 - Deny & Holly Brigance
1976 - Paul & Dave
1977 - Andy Danzl
1978 - Steve & Kevin - Puppets!
1979 - Rod Ellis with Ann & Sandy
1980 - Deny Brigance
1981 - Randy Matthews (Continuation of our Tenth Anniversary Celebration)
1982 - Revelation
1983 - Love Reaching

Monday, May 11, 2009

awesome CD

The Youth Pastor of the church where I am Lead Pastor has been listening to the Jesus House CD today.
The evaluation of this 22 year old who just graduated from college last year: "It's awesome!"
He especially likes the musical variety.

The Reunions are Ongoing!

Last evening I encountered another Jesus House person, whom I've not seen in 25 or more years. Unfortunately she did not hear about the Reunion and was disappointed to have missed it. No doubt this experience will be repeated. At this point, the best we can offer is a copy of the CD and directions to the YouTube videos.

Deny or I will be glad to mail out CDs to anyone who supplies an address, at least while supplies last. Remember, though, you are welcome to make your own copies of the CD to give to friends.

I've been thinking about reviewing the entire reunion to offer my responses but have not had enough concentrated time to accomplish the task. But, here are a few short remarks.

I loved everyone's set. Each musician or collection of musicians was a treat and musical and spiritual blessing.

Having said that there were a couple of musical highlights. I suppose I could call them the best of the best of the best in hopes that they will not cast a negative shadow on other performances.

Jennie Daniel Pitney: Incredible voice, guitar work and sensitivity to the spirit. Her Mary song is fabulous! Her set was also my daughter's favorite. Jennie, the next time you visit your family in Cincinnati, my living room is available for a concert! Your voice still knocks me out.

John Gould: I've been listening to you since our senior year of high school but never grow tired of your voice. Thank you for including family members in part of your set. They were great. Be Ye Glad brought tears to my eyes.

The Super Group: As far as I'm concerned, A Closer Walk With Thee could have stretched for an hour and I would still have been on my feet clapping, singing and celebrating.

The Perkolators: You are so good that I cannot find the right words to describe what happens when you play together. I'm sorry I missed most of your set while preparing my brain to morf into afo. I think I deserve a repeat performance. Any evening in my living room!

This reunion was a special day and because it was so good, we are prompted to do another and try to capture again the great experience. For now, let's enjoy the memories of the day, the CD and the videos.

Special thanks to Annie Wantuck, Betsy King & Rachael Brigance (who's married last name I'm forgetting, sorry!) for organizing a great dinner of Skyline Chili and Larosa's Pizza. You took a huge burden off Deny and me while ministering to everyone at the reunion.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

jesus house on youtube!

Go on YouTube and search for Jesus House Reunion.
There are a dozen or so videos from the reunion already posted.
More details later.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Day

May 2, 2009 seems like one long blur of conversations, hugs, and introductions. Lots of photos are floating around Facebook. Eventually there might be videos on YouTube. I'll lift a few photos later in the week and add to the blog.

I'm estimating that through out the day, we had 150-200 people show up. No actual counting was done.

I've decided to keep the blog going for a while.

Later in the week I'll include a description of the day.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Reunion

It's 2:00 am, I just arrived home from the most recent, and most likely, final Jesus House Reunion. Later this week, I'll spend time reflecting on the day, but for now, I'll merely quote Mary Beth Hughes, "Terry, this was the best reunion ever!"

Thank you to all.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

really last

Okay, this is really the last post before the reunion.
I did not include an artist list in the previous post and decided that's not right so I'm going to include the list for the end of April and the first week of May.

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed the 4th Week of April

1972 - Alan Jones
1973 - Latter Rain
1974 - Muster Weekend
1975 - Rich Davis & Jackie Fathergill
1976 - Covenant (Karen & Jennie)
1977 - Denise, Lyndell, & Terri
1978 - Rick Roberts
1979 - John Gould
1980 - adamsfishyodor reunion tour III
1981 - Rising Hope
1982 - Minstral
1983 - Brad Coleman

April occasionally had a fifth Saturday:

1972 - Tim & Barbee
1977 - John Redell
1978 - Hymn
1983 - A film: "It's Friday But Sunday's Comin'" featuring Tony Campolo

This Week in History: Artists Who Played the First Weekend of May

1972 - Randy Matthews, special first anniversary weekend concert
1973 - Nothing listed for May & June in 1973. Not sure what I was doing...
1974 - Mark O'Hara
1975 - Donnie Yazell
1976 - Diakonoi, Andy Danzl
1977 - Ken Atkinson
1978 - Mark Ryman
1979 - Nothing listed???
1980 - Cathy Snyder
1981 - adamsfishyodor reunion IV celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Jesus House.
1982 - Brethern
1983 - Linda McKay

the last post

Well, this might not be the exact last post.
I'm still thinking about it.
I've had several people ask if I might continue a while longer.
If so, it will be through the summer so I get to list everyone who ever played the house.

But, it's the last post before the reunion.
I'm in my office listening to "It's About Time" the Jesus House CD Project.
42 songs of really good music. Very interesting, eclectic collection of styles and moods.
I have five songs left and have enjoyed this first complete listening.
The project begins with a surprise addition that I think everyone will enjoy.
It concludes with a great song by Mike Wilshire titled Magnify which includes vocals by Kent Odor, Marc O'Hara and a multitude!

I love hearing all these songs, most of which, were performed at the House at some point in the 14 years. On the CD they are mostly performed by the original artist. I hope you are blessed by this project and find it a regular part of your inspirational and devotional life.

Hope to see all of you on Saturday, 3:00 - 11:00 pm
Highview Christian Church 2651 Adams Road in Mt. Healthy
Dinner will be served at 5:00 pm catered by Skyline Chili. Donations to cover the cost of food will be essential.

Blessings, love & grace

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This will be our fifth!
And it's just a few days away.
I'm really impressed by the people who are flying in from out of state and in at least one case, from out of country.
It will be wonderful to see everyone.
Preparation for the reunion has prompted memories, some of which I've written in this blog.
Some memories are good.
Some memories are painful.
Life is a series of experiences; some great and some bad. From those experiences come memories.
I think that those who are attending the Reunion are people with good memories of the Jesus House.
Good memories of friendships established within those walls.
And for some of you, good memories of becoming a Christian.
If past Reunions are an indication, a good time will be had by all.

The First Reunion: May 14, 1989 at Fellowship Christian Church
It was a one-day reunion beginning at 2:00 with Terry Fisher and concluding around midnight with fishyodor and friend Marc O'Hara. Also included that day were Hodgie, Lee Benken, Deny Brigance (with band) Rough Draft, John Gould, Loyd Boldman (with band) and the Willoughby-Wilson Band. The reunion was organized by Joan Boertlline with a promotional poster by Loyd Boldman.

The Second Reunion: April 30 & May 1, 1999, Pleasant Run Church of Christ
An expanded reunion with the addition of Friday evening. Seventeen artist or bands played and Dr. Foster spoke.

The Third: May, 2001, Pleasant Run Church of Christ
A similar cast of characters, once again two days, and the return of Dr. Foster who told the story of his experience at our very first Conglomerate. He said that when he left the previous reunion, he didn't know if we would ever ask him back but just in case, he wrote the message he would present. It was a great message. adamsfishy had to play without Kent so Marc O'Hara, once again filled a spot with us. We concluded the night with spontaneous worship that included Jim Wilson, Rick Fields, Hodgie joining Marc, Christopher and me on stage.

The 4th: May, 2004, Pleasant Run Church of Christ
adamsfishyodor was back in full-force! Deny Brigance showed up! We toured the Jesus House property!
It was a great reunion.

And now, the Fifth and, no doubt, final Reunion: May 2, 2009, Highview Christian Church 2651 Adams Road in Mt. Healthy, not far from the Jesus House Building.
A great line-up of musicians plus a brand new, hot off the duplicator, 42 song double CD of many of your favorite original songs from the Jesus House performed by the original artists. It will be yours free just for attending, and sitting through a brief, 45 minute presentation on a unique opportunity we want to offer you on some vacation condos in, no, no, there will be no presentation on vacation condos. The CD's are free to you as a gift from the artists who wrote, recorded and performed the songs.

One of the most dramatic reunions is found in the Bible in the story of the Prodigal Son, sometimes referred to as the Forgiving Father. The son had no idea what kind of reception he would receive upon arriving at his childhood home. When he asked his father for his share of the inheritance, he was, in essence saying, "Dad, I wish you were dead." He knew he was arriving back home as a failure. He brought no gifts from his travels other than an empty stomach, worn out clothes, and a broken spirit. The humility with which he intended to approach his father was his lesson learned. That is until he found himself in his father's forgiving embrace. Then he learned about love and grace. The father knew how to host a reunion!

I thank my God for you whenever I think of you. My constant prayers for you are a real joy, because we have worked together for this gospel from the first day until the present. I am confident of this: that the One who has begun his good work in you will go on developing it until the day of Jesus Christ. It is only natural that I should feel like this about you all - you are very dear to me.
Philippians 1:3-7

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Muster Weekend

A few weeks into 1973 the staff of the JH decided we wanted to organize a "revival!"
Lots of churches used to have fall and spring revivals, but we knew, since it was the Jesus House, it had to be something different. First we needed a name.
That was because everything at the Jesus House had a name or a nickname.
Kent, Chris and I spent an afternoon at the CBS library researching names.
Kent found it: Muster! (It had an exclamation point the first year)
We created a logo.
We created t-shirts.
We created posters.
We scheduled a speaker (Tom Smith the first year. Excellent choice.)
We scheduled a band. (An unknown group from Michigan named Rising Hope.)
In addition, we scheduled as guest soloists some of the JH favorites. (John Gould, Randy Moody, & Rich Davis)

The results?
An incredible weekend of evangelism around Cincinnati, including Sunday afternoon at Eden Park, three evenings of meetings at Highview Christian Church with a 150-200 people each night, and great number of people becoming Christians or renewing faith in God.

The long-term results were several. First, we decided to host Muster annually, which we did for six years. Second, as a result of meeting at Muster, Tom Smith invited Rising Hope (specifically Mike Goldberg) to become Campus Minister at Miami University. Mike & Susan Goldberg, Ross Johnson & Mikal Keefer moved to the Cincinnati area and became an important part of the Christian music community.

After two years of Muster at the Highview building, we moved it to the Jesus House. The following is the guest line-up for each year.

April 25-27, 1973 (Highview Christian Church)
Speaker: Tom Smith
Music: Rising Hope
Featured Soloists: John Gould, Randy Moody, Rich Davis

April 26-28, 1974 (Highview Christian Church)
Speaker: Gene Hardaway
Music: Rising Hope, Latter Reign, adamsfishyodor
Featured Soloist: John Gould
Mixed-Media Presentations: Mikal Keefer

April 11 & 12, 1975 (Moved to the Jesus House building.)
Speaker: Grant Edwards
Music: Rising Hope, Brothers of the Son (another Michigan group this one including Kent Odor's brother Kevin)

April 9 & 10, 1976
Speakers: Lewis Foster, Grant Edwards, Mikal Keefer
Music: One Lane Road

April 15 & 16, 1977
Speaker: Mike Reinus
Music: One Lane Road, Prodigal

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed the Third Week of April

1972 - Dave Ooten, Jerry & Lynn, Girls from Bowling Green (Not sure who the girls from Bowling Green were. Were they from Bowling Green, Kentucky or Bowling Green, Ohio? I have no idea.)
1973 - Marc O'Hara
1974 - No artist listed on the calendar. It was the week before the second year of Muster. I must have been too busy to record the artist. The following day I played at Mt. Washington Church of Christ and the week before afo played at Charlie Pater's Church(?)
1975 - Rick & Hodgy (Yes, they have two cuts on the Jesus House Recording Project!)
1976 - Tony, Sharon & Anita (Probably Tony Ross, Sharon Wilson and Anita Workman before she was Anita Workman.)
1977 - The Final Muster Weekend
1978 - Randy Matthews (We substituted an annual concert from founder Randy Matthews instead of doing Muster Weekend)
1979 - Rick Fields (Where was the band?)
1980 - One of the Flocks (a small group) from Fellowship Christian Church. Must have been a musical Flock!
1981 - The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
1982 - Minstrial
1983 - Willoughby-Wilson Band This was University of Cincinnati night at the Jesus House. Some of the Campus Fellowships brought groups of people to the House for the evening. We had almost 200 hundred people packed into the place!

Where Are They Now?

I mentioned Rising Hope in the description of Muster because that brought them to the Cincinnati area for the first time. You might be interested to know where the members of that group are residing and what they are doing. Michael Goldburg lives in Cincinnati and can be heard Monday - Friday in the mornings on WNKU playing an incredible selection of music. Susan is now a pastor, just finished up an Interim position in France and is ministering in Tailand. Ross Johnson lives in the Cincinnati area, leads worship at his church and will be appearing at the Jesus House Reunion. Mikal Keefer lives in Colorado Springs and applies his considerable creativity to his position at Group Publishing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As you gaze at the people in the previous two posts you may have recognized a few faces, perhaps even your own. One of the joys I experienced during 14 years at the House was people. I look at those faces and realize I was spoiled because the people who showed up on Saturday night wanted to be there. I was not faced with the problems youth ministers encounter because of students who are forced to attend youth group by their parents. I was not faced with problems many pastors have from church members who have lost passion for Jesus and enthusiasm for church but attend out of obligation or tradition but do not enjoy being there. Week after week people showed up for the concerts with joy and enthusiasm. I'll admit there were nights when things did not go well. Sometimes the musicians were boring or very inexperienced. Sometimes the musician was not connecting with the crowd. Sometimes we had technical problems. But those nights were the exception. The normal experience at the Jesus House was celebration, worship and genuine excitement about Jesus, the music and being together.

As I gazed at those photos supplied by Christopher Adams I saw faces of people I dearly love. People I miss. People with whom I have had "one big time in the Kingdom" and look forward to having "one big time in the Kingdom" for all eternity.

Thank you Randy Moody for that theme song for the Kingdom.
Thank you to all of you who showed up, celebrated, and allowed me into your lives.
I hope to see you on May 2.

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed the Second Week of April

1972 - Stan & Frankie from Ball State
1973 - Lee & Reggie
1974 - Kevin & Rick
1975 - Muster Weekend (More on this tomorrow!)
1976 - Muster Weekend (Ditto)
1977 - Jim Bankowski
1978 - One Lane Road
1979 - Randy Matthews
1980 - Harriet Lewis (Someone just told me Harriet recently died.)
1981 - John Gould (Swapped emails with him today!)
1982 - The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (Told you this was a multi-year tradition!)
1983 - Ocean of Love (Great name but I do not remember anything about them)

a few more, thanks to Christopher Adams for these images

a few saturday night images including the old murals

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Last Few Blog Entries

This blog is coming to a close. I will add a few additional entries this week and next, but once the Reunion occurs, the Blog is finished. I realize I've been off my game with this blog during April. I'll have to pull the Easter card. As the Lead Pastor of this church, the weeks building up to Easter were busy and occupied. The time since Easter has been recovery!

So speaking of Easter, I'm reminded of a tradition we followed for a few years, showing The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe around Easter. No, not the most recent Walden Media version and not the BBC version from the late 80's early 90's. No this was the animated version produced by the Episcopal Church and originally broadcast on television. It was not a great version but was much more impressive when projected on the "big screen" at the Jesus House. Fortunately the movie was produced on film, not video tape, so we were able to rent a copy and project it using Tom Rocklin's 16 mm projector.

The first year, our friends from the Logos Bookstore in College Hill (Remember that place? It was the best Christian book store that has ever existed!) brought a display of C.S. Lewis material. We sold lots of books, gave away copies of LWW and even gave away a Chronicles set. We also supplied free popcorn all during the movie. It was a reverse offering. Popcorn was circulated in large bowls. The point was, grab a hand full and pass it on!

We had such a great time we decided to do it again the following year. Yes, the Jesus House had traditions!

This Week In History: Artists Who Performed the First Week of April (Yes, I told you, I'm behind. I'll catch up, I promise)

1972 - The Easter Bunny! (Yes, the Easter Bunny made an appearance) Also the Jesus House Singers & Players with soloist Teri Senters.
1973 - Larry Pennington
1974 - Dick Mott
1975 - Dead Rat Road Band (Some of these guys were at Rick Marksberry's last Sunday night recording additional vocals for a song on the Jesus House Recording Project. See below for more details.)
1976 - Ric Roberts (Ric just sent a note for us to read to everyone at the Reunion. Want to know what's in the note? Come to the Reunion!)
1977 - Rich Mullins
1978 - Odor Clarke & Burns (They have a couple of songs on the JHRP!) Also, Jason Nightingale, an actor, performed the first three chapters of Revelation.
1979 - Marc O'Hara (He has a couple of songs on the JHRP plus sang harmonies on several other cuts!)
1980 - The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (See above)
1981 - Prodigal (Lloyd Boldman and Rick Fields each have cuts on the JHRP)
1982 - John Gould (Yes, John recorded Slow Me Down for the JHRP)
1983 - Jon Owens

Further Adventures in Recording
One of the songs, Magnify, written by Mike Wilshire, recorded by Kent Odor & Marc O'Hara needed a multitude to sing on the last chorus. This was because Mike used to invite an audience to sing with him on the song. So a multitude gathered at the Marksberry's house. Specifically Ric & Barb Hine, Marc O'Hara, Deny Brigance and Terry Fisher (me). Alright, it doesn't sound like a multitude when you read the list of names, but after we recorded our parts on three tracks then put them together, it sounded just like a multitude!

After finishing the recording we had a spontaneous listening party. We heard about a dozen of the 40 songs from the project. I assure you, there is some incredible, beautiful music awaiting your listening ear. Deny Brigance (producer) and Rick Marksberry (engineer), have done incredible work. Also, Marc O'Hara, Andy Danzel, Diane Marksberry as well as Deny & Rick have added vocal harmonies, guitar, mandolin, percussion, violin and other sounds that have enhanced many of the songs. I recorded Immanuel for the project with my voice, guitar and Christopher Adams' bass. I asked Rick to add violin because since I wrote that song, I've always heard a violin on it. Finally, on Sunday night I heard for real the violin I always heard in my mind. Many of the songs will finally be heard the way we always imagined them.

Of course, some of the songs needed nothing additional so they did not tweak everything.

I look forward to seeing all of you starting at 3:00 pm on May 2.
You'll hear the music live, then go home with your own copy of the recording project, now titled "It's About Time." Because it is about time these songs were recorded for posterity.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

For those of you not on Facebook...and why not?

For those of you not on Facebook, below you can see the song & artist list for the Jesus House CD Project. It is an amazing list of 41 songs! Many of them will be performed live at the next, and most likely final, Jesus House Reunion, May 2, 2009.

The Jesus House CD Songlist

41 songs
Adamsfishyodor: Child of the King (Traditional)
Adamsfishyodor: Sohio Station Blues (Odor)
Loyd Boldman: Emotional Shorthand (Boldman)
Deny Brigance: A New Song (Moody-Brigance)
Brigance, Shelby, Helwig: Holy Roller (Brigance)
Andy Danzl: Mercy (Wilson)
Andy Danzl: What Makes A Man Real (Wilshire)
Bob Clarke: Joy (Clarke)
Bob Clarke: Sleep Little One (Clarke)
Bob Clark: How Much Love (Clarke)
Brent Eresman: Higher Up (Eresman)
Terry Fisher: Emmanuel (Fisher)
Terry Fisher, et al: Please Don't Preach (On that scripture tonight) (Fisher)
Terry Fisher, et al: Only the Father Knows (Fisher)
Fishyodor: ‘Cinnati (Fisher)
The Sherri Fitzgerald Band: 1st Peter 5: 9, 10 (S. Fitzgerald)
Sherri Fitzgerald w/Brent Eresman: Consider It All Joy (S. Fitzgerald)
John Gould: Slow Me Down (Gould)
Rick & Hodgie: Can You Imagine the City (Hodgetts)
Rick & Hodgie: O Come Lord Jesus (Mapes)
Diann Marksberry: No One Loves Me Like You Do (D. Marksberry)
Rick Marksberry: Canaan, Can You Hear Me (R. Marksberry)
Rick Marksberry: Hoedown (R. Marksberry)
Randy Moody: The Kingdom (Moody)
Randy Moody: The Sinsong (Moody)
Kent Odor: Begin (Odor)
Odor / O’Hara, et al: Magnify (Wilshire)
Marc O'Hara: Praise the Lord (O'Hara)
Perkolaters: On Top of the World (Fields-Wilson)
Prodigal: Shout It Out (Boldman)
Rising Hope: I Am the Bread of Life (M. Suzanne Toolan)
Rising Hope: The Lord Will Be My Snowtires (Johnson)
Tony Ross: Worries of the World (Ross)
Steve and Barb Steffens: Psalm 143 (B. Steffens)
Steve and Barb Steffens: Psalm 128 (B. Steffens)
The Steffens & Brigance Group: Take My Hand (S. Steffens- B. Steffens)
Sharon Williams: Maranatha (Williams)
Sharon Williams: Isaiah 55 (Williams)
Willoughby-Wilson Band: Standing in the Wake of the Storm (Wilson)
Al Willoughby: The Reward of His Suffering (Willoughby)
Mike Wilshire: Cross-Town Transfer (Wilshire)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

another recording session

Sunday night another group of grizzly JH veterans gathered for a recording session. Rick & Diann Marksberry hosted us. Included in the evening, although not everyone is pictured below: Deny Brigance, Andy Danzel, Brent Eresman, Terry Fisher, Rick & Diann Marksberry, Kent Odor, Marc & Linny O'Hara, Sharon Wilson Williams and her son-in-law Amos (?). We recorded, ate chili, and talked lots. The recording is now over 30 songs! Yes, Kent Odor finally got his wish. At the end of the evening he and I recorded a quick one-take of "Get the Sin Out of Cincinnati."
Special thanks to Marc O'Hara for the photos.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

images from the past

In 1971, I drove down to Fountain Square in Cincinnati because I heard Arthur Blessett was speaking at something called Spiritual Revolution Day. It proved to be a life-changing day. That was the day I met Randy Matthews and some of the high school students who were involved in putting together the Jesus House. This photo appeared on the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer the next morning. It was a great day.

Larry Norman was supposed to appear at the first Spiritual Revolution Day but sent Randy Stonehill instead. The following year they both appeared along with Phil Keaggy's band Glass Harp. This is one of the flyers from that day. Norman was absolutely incredible. Many years later, I attended a music conference in Colorado where Keaggy taught a workshop. During the question and answer period I asked him about Glass Harp's appearance at SRD and what the other two members of the band thought. He explained that even though the others were not Christians, they respected his faith and were very happy to participate in the event.

Hope you like these images from the ancient past.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

staff sojourns

If you've followed the chronological sequence of the House you've seen that staff changes were fairly common.
Before I go on, a little review: The original staff was going to be four guys, Randy Matthews, Steve Scott, Ted Baxendale, and Greg (last name escapes me but he was from Indianapolis). Ted and Greg never joined the staff but an unknown interloper named Terry Fisher came out of no where and joined up for three months. Within a few weeks we were joined by Mike Buckingham, Pat Buckingham and Joanie (her last name still escapes me but she was from Lexington). Randy and Steve left on a cross country tour and Grant and Jane Ann Hammond joined us. All of this occurred from April - August, 1972.

The first summer ended and everyone was asked to leave except Grant & Jane Ann. Through circumstances explained a few months ago, I stayed. January, 1973 Grant & Jane Ann left and Stan & Linda Carter joined. Fall of 1973 Kent Odor came to stay. Also that fall Greg (the same Greg who didn't join staff at the beginning who's last name I do not remember) joined us for a few months. Chris Adams was really part of the staff even though he did not move in until the following summer.

Stan, Linda, Terry, Kent & Chris continued as the staff until spring of 1974 when Stan & Linda moved out with Chris to follow in the summer. Andy Wilson moved into the house for the summer while he prepared for a fall departure to college.

Kent and I were the staff for the next year until summer of 1975 when Rick, Jenny & Christy Mapes moved in. No sooner were they settled than Kent married Marcia and moved out. Sometime during the following year a student from the University of Cincinnati named Tony Ross approached Rick and asked if he could move in and join the staff. We were a little surprised by this because no one had ever asked to join the staff. Usually we were begging people! So Tony moved in for the first of two stints on the Jesus House Staff. It quickly became apparent that Tony was an exceptional musician. He didn't just play music, he knew music. I was continually amazed at his ability to master an instrument, then move on to another. During the time when he decided to put together a Second Chapter of Acts group, he drove me nuts listening to the music while he transposed all the parts including voices, horns, etc. It was a pretty amazing feat. I've never been able to listen to Second Chapter of Acts music since, but it still was amazing to watch him put together a huge band and vocalists to perform the music. It was the biggest musical project ever attempted by someone from the Jesus House. Tony left us for awhile to move to California where he worked at the Fender factory to learn how amplifiers are constructed. Once he was finished with his sojourn to the West Coast he moved back in with us for awhile until he decided to join the Cain family as an auxiliary son then also become a student at Miami University. Somewhere during one of his two stints at the House Tony played bass for Crossroads/Prodigal. Since then, Tony has developed into an incredible worship leader, become a pilot, husband and father. Tony is featured on the Jesus House Recording Project and will be singing at the reunion, May 2.
Tony is an incredibly gifted, multi-talented individual and it was a pleasure to live with and know him. Plus we had a really great nickname for him. Sorry, I'm not including it in this blog. Some people let their children read this you know. Just in case Tony's children read this, I don't want to cause undo embarrassment. But, if you ask at the Reunion, I'll tell you privately!

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed at the Jesus House the Forth Week of March

1972 - Ted Baxendale (Yes, the Ted who was supposed to join the staff but never did.)
1973 - Rich Davis, Brad Sewell
1974 - Bruce & Dale, no last names included.
1975 - Bob Clark & Tony Ross (Great harmonies!)
1976 - Stephens-Brigance (More great harmonies!!)
1977 - Donnie Yazell
1978 - 'Cinnati (Terry Fisher, Rick Marksberry, Andy Danzel, Dave French)
1979 - Lisa Allen
1980 - Jim Bankowski
1981 - Jon Owens
1982 - The Wild Olive Branch Band
1983 - Tim Root

Fifth Saturdays: March is another month with the occasional fifth Saturday. Those artists were:

1973 - adamsfishyodor, Sharon Wilson (Why would a sweet girl like Sharon agree to share the bill with those three scruffy guys? They probably paid her...)
1974 - Wilshire-Haveline (Yes, this was Mike Wilshire. Incredible musician)
1975 - Cathy, Kitty & John (I think this was Kitty Daniels, whose sister Jennie will be performing at the Reunion) The night before we had our only ever Good Friday Dinner with a Passover Meal.
1979 - adamsfishyodor (This was either our second or third reunion concert tour)
1980 - Rick Roberts