Thursday, June 25, 2009


Movies were important to the Jesus House.
Unfortunately we did not possess today's technology to show videos easily, especially to show short clips from movies to help enhance messages. That would have been nice, very nice. Instead, people had to depend on my descriptions of scenes from movies as I shared them in my messages. For those of you who used to go see movies because of a recommendation from me, I urge you to see UP! It is amazing. A parable about the adventure of love, which is of course the greatest adventure of all. It is also a great adventure movie.

Even with our limited technology we occasionally showed movies. As mentioned in a previous blog, the animated version of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe was an Easter tradition for a few years. Also, during several summers we showed Francis Schaeffer's films series, How Should be Then Live and Whatever Happened to the Human Race. These were shown in their film versions thanks to Rick Mapes' friend Tom Rocklin loaning us his 16 mm projector. With the advent of video, Mike Stephens was willing to loan us his VCR for an occasional movie night. We viewed Somewhere in Time which made everyone want to fall in love. We also showed Something Wicked This Way Comes, which made everyone not want to go to a carnival.

We never got to watch Veggie Tales, which I'm sure would have been a big hit at the Jesus House. "No hair for my hairbrush..." Nor did we get to watch The Princess Bride, The Lord of the Rings, or any other of the hundreds of movies I could list that would surely be celluloid stapes for Jesus House people. So, due to the times and lack of technology advances, we missed out on a few experienes.

But, we also did not have to contend with people sitting during the concerts watching one of these movies on their cell phones...

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed at the Jesus House the Fourth Week of June

1972 - Teri Senters
1973 - The end of a blank month.
1974 - Monk
1975 - Sonshine '75 - The first year of the Sonshine Festival at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds featuring Randy Matthews, Chuck Girard, and other very early Jesus Movement artists.
1976 - Crossroads fBefore they were called Prodigal.)
1977 - Prodigal (After they were called Crossroads...)
1978 - Marc O'Hara (Never changed his name.)
1979 - Lynda Kemeny and Joe Kennedy (This night was unique in at least two ways. Joe Kennedy was the first and, I believe, the only person to ever perform at the Jesus House from a wheel chair. Lynda Kemeny was the only person to ever perform who was trained to sing opera and actually went on to a very successful opera career in Europe.)
1980 - Caroline Randall
1981 - Beth Cook
1982 - James Issac Elliott (One of the few people to sing who performed only country music, only wanted to perform country music, and even though he was from Michigan, looked and talked like he needed to perform country music. Good thing he moved to Nashville so his persona fit in.)
1983 - Rick & Hodgie.

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