Monday, May 17, 2010

Jesus House Day!

To: All Jesus House people in the Dayton/Cincinnati area
Re: Jesus House Day!

Sunday, June 13, adamsfishyodor (i.e. Christopher Adams, Terry Fisher & Kent Odor) will lead worship at Grace United Methodist Church in PIqua, Ohio.
Personally, I think every Jesus House person in the Dayton/Cincinnati area needs to attend one of the three worship services; 8:15, 10:00 & 11:15. Come to the last one and we'll let you take us out to lunch!
Many of you have said, "Hey, Terry, some Sunday I'm going to visit you at the church in Piqua." So far, Deny Brigance, John Jaffe, The Perkolaters with Wendy Wilson, plus Kent and Chris are the people who have visited. Deny's been here three times and John twice!

Time is growing short! My final Sunday at this church will be Father's Day, June 20. So, I've declared June 13, Jesus House Day at Grace United Methodist Church!
How can you refuse?
Mark your calendars, put it on whatever means of electronic system you use, look us up on MapQuest, and journey to Grace United Methodist Church, 9411 N. County Road 25-A in Piqua, Ohio

Just in case you cannot make it on June 13, and have a very good reason, of course I can't think of any good reasons, but perhaps you can, but just in case, you are welcome to visit another Sunday just know that I will not be here Memorial Day Weekend.

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