Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Name the JH Christmas CD

The release date of the Jesus House Christmas CD has been delayed due to the time it takes to get everything recorded, mixed, duplicated, packaged, etc. So it will be released sometime before Christmas, 2011. But for now we need your creative help! The previous CD, the one distributed at the last reunion, was given a name that came through the minds of Terry Fisher and Deny Brigance. For this one we would like to tap into your mind. Yes, YOURS! We are announcing the official Name-the-Jesus-House-Christmas-C-D Contest and you get to be part of it. Submit your name either by responding to this note or emailing Deny or me. For me use:

Contest ends on Christmas Day, 2010. are wondering...what do you win? Good question.
At the very least, you'll get a free CD. Of course, lots of other people will get free CD's too, although there might be a small charge to cover materials, but we won't charge you.
Maybe we can get a bunch of the artists to sign yours. How's that for incentive?
We'll acknowledge you somewhere on the cover.
I'll publish your name on the Jesus House Blog.
Maybe I'll put your name on my Facebook page.
Maybe you'll get a free meal out of it, but no promises there.
Mostly you'll have the fun of naming the next CD!

Start submitting those titles. Look forward to reading your ideas.

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