Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Day

May 2, 2009 seems like one long blur of conversations, hugs, and introductions. Lots of photos are floating around Facebook. Eventually there might be videos on YouTube. I'll lift a few photos later in the week and add to the blog.

I'm estimating that through out the day, we had 150-200 people show up. No actual counting was done.

I've decided to keep the blog going for a while.

Later in the week I'll include a description of the day.


Anonymous said...

The reunion was great as well as the CDs. Molly and I got a lot of good laughs. One of the songs that I was hoping would be on the CD was Mosses and the Egyptians. I forgot who sang it (maybe it was Terry), but the lyrics are slowly coming back. Thank you Terry and Friends for putting the reunion together.

revfish said...

Moses was written and originally recorded by Larry Norman. It became a signature song for adamsfishyodor as well as me in our concerts. We decided the Jesus House CD would contain only songs written by Jesus House artists, which is why it was not included on the CD.