Monday, May 11, 2009

The Reunions are Ongoing!

Last evening I encountered another Jesus House person, whom I've not seen in 25 or more years. Unfortunately she did not hear about the Reunion and was disappointed to have missed it. No doubt this experience will be repeated. At this point, the best we can offer is a copy of the CD and directions to the YouTube videos.

Deny or I will be glad to mail out CDs to anyone who supplies an address, at least while supplies last. Remember, though, you are welcome to make your own copies of the CD to give to friends.

I've been thinking about reviewing the entire reunion to offer my responses but have not had enough concentrated time to accomplish the task. But, here are a few short remarks.

I loved everyone's set. Each musician or collection of musicians was a treat and musical and spiritual blessing.

Having said that there were a couple of musical highlights. I suppose I could call them the best of the best of the best in hopes that they will not cast a negative shadow on other performances.

Jennie Daniel Pitney: Incredible voice, guitar work and sensitivity to the spirit. Her Mary song is fabulous! Her set was also my daughter's favorite. Jennie, the next time you visit your family in Cincinnati, my living room is available for a concert! Your voice still knocks me out.

John Gould: I've been listening to you since our senior year of high school but never grow tired of your voice. Thank you for including family members in part of your set. They were great. Be Ye Glad brought tears to my eyes.

The Super Group: As far as I'm concerned, A Closer Walk With Thee could have stretched for an hour and I would still have been on my feet clapping, singing and celebrating.

The Perkolators: You are so good that I cannot find the right words to describe what happens when you play together. I'm sorry I missed most of your set while preparing my brain to morf into afo. I think I deserve a repeat performance. Any evening in my living room!

This reunion was a special day and because it was so good, we are prompted to do another and try to capture again the great experience. For now, let's enjoy the memories of the day, the CD and the videos.

Special thanks to Annie Wantuck, Betsy King & Rachael Brigance (who's married last name I'm forgetting, sorry!) for organizing a great dinner of Skyline Chili and Larosa's Pizza. You took a huge burden off Deny and me while ministering to everyone at the reunion.


Christopher said...

An old folk group, I think it was the Weavers (open to being very wrong) once posed the question, "Wasn't that a time?" I now know what they meant. Thank you for all the work and love you put into the reunion! It was "a time" in all the best meanings! God bless you!

Euphrates said...

Hey you still have CDs? Let me know where to e-mail you, 'cause I definitely want one! :)

the girl formerly known as Lisa Lerman. :)