Thursday, February 19, 2009


The Jesus House was one of the cheapest of ministries to finance.
For fourteen years, we needed approximately $100.00 a week to pay the mortgage, keep the lights burning and finance other assorted needs. Originally, the Director received a salary of $50.00 a week. When Rick became the Director he decided he really didn't need the money so we discontinued the salary/stipend. Occasionally we collected an offering for one of the musicians or bands but we usually limited that to once a month. Most of the artists refused to allow us to even consider giving them money. Some of you will remember that the last couple of years we charged a $2.00 admission fee. We resorted to this to help increase revenue.

The bills were always paid. Sometimes just barely paid, but . . .

As I reflect on the $5,000.00 annual budget, it amazes me when I remember how difficult it was sometimes to raise. There were many weeks when I am convinced that most of the money came from the staff. All of you former staffers who are reading this are probably embarrassed that I would mention that. I do it, not to make any of us look like martyrs, but to highlight how completely sold we were on the importance of the Jesus House. During fourteen years, nearly every week I heard from someone thanking me for the ministry. Lives were changed. People encountered the reality of the Creator of the Universe. In addition, many musicians, writers and actors found a place to express faith through the use of the arts.

For all of you who put your dollar or dollars or quarters in the box week after week, thank you. Those contributions, small or large, helped provide an important ministry.

As you think about your current church I hope you will channel your passion into that place. When you contribute money to your church, you are worshiping God and providing a place where people encounter the Creator of the Universe.
Bless you for that.

This Week in History Artists Who Performed the Third Weekend of February
1972 - Mark O'Hara, Rich Davis
1973 - Kevin & Doug
1974 - Sharon Wilson & Sherry Fayard
1975 - Steven Alexanderson
1976 - Tony, Sharon, & Anita
1977 - People from Georgetown
1978 - DeeDee Hoffman
1979 - The calendar is blank. I played in Oxford at Miami University that night.
1980 - Rick Fields - The last and maybe the only time he played as a solo artist.
1981 - James Issac Elliott
1982 - Bill Williams, the Wild Man!
1983 - Cathy Snyder

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