Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Reunion

Hope you liked the photos I included a few days ago. I will be glad to include any additional photos. Email them to

The reunion seems to be taking on good energy. Nearly every week I hear from someone from the past. Many of these contacts are made on Facebook. If you are not yet on Facebook, I urge you to join. You will find many JH people, FCC people and House of the Carpenter people. In some cases, you'll find people who experienced all three. Lots of photos floating around, some embarrassing, some not so embarrassing. There is also a Prodigal group on Facebook that you can join to see photos.

The Jesus House Recording Project is coming along. The goal is to have that completed and ready by the reunion. You will hear some great songs, all of which were performed at the Jesus House at some point during the 14 years.

Remember to mark your calendars for May 2, 2009. Tentatively we are planning to have live music 2:00 - 11:00 pm. Those times could change as we have a clearer picture of all the participating artists. The Reunion will be at Highview Christian Church 2651 Adams Road in Mt. Healthy. The building is not far from the Jesus House.

Later in the week, I will resume the historical narrative of the Jesus House with an entry about our retreats, both Conglomerate and Recharge! but till then...

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed the First Weekend of February.

1972 - Doug Adams (I believe he was a musician from College Hill Presbyterian Church)
1973 - Jan Bean & Christian Runion (Christian was pictured in one of the previous photos.)
1974 - Not sure, it might have been adamsfishyodor. The space is blank but afo played in Hartford City, Indiana the night before so we might have traveled back and played the house. I know there were 113 people in attendance.
1975 - Bob Clark & Tony Ross (A couple of skinny guys with great songs!)
1976 - John Gould
1977 - Creation INC
1978 - Cindy Price
1979 - One Lane Road
1980 - Rick, Tom & Hodgy
1981 - Geoff Thurman
1982 - Rick & Hodgy (What happened to Tom?)
1983 - Geoff Thurman

Things I Said:Quotes from Terry Fisher's Jesus House talks.
In order for a person to become a Christian, at least three opinions need to change:
The Bible has to become more than just a good book
Jesus has to become more than just a good man
God has to become more than just a good idea.

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