Thursday, April 2, 2009

For those of you not on Facebook...and why not?

For those of you not on Facebook, below you can see the song & artist list for the Jesus House CD Project. It is an amazing list of 41 songs! Many of them will be performed live at the next, and most likely final, Jesus House Reunion, May 2, 2009.

The Jesus House CD Songlist

41 songs
Adamsfishyodor: Child of the King (Traditional)
Adamsfishyodor: Sohio Station Blues (Odor)
Loyd Boldman: Emotional Shorthand (Boldman)
Deny Brigance: A New Song (Moody-Brigance)
Brigance, Shelby, Helwig: Holy Roller (Brigance)
Andy Danzl: Mercy (Wilson)
Andy Danzl: What Makes A Man Real (Wilshire)
Bob Clarke: Joy (Clarke)
Bob Clarke: Sleep Little One (Clarke)
Bob Clark: How Much Love (Clarke)
Brent Eresman: Higher Up (Eresman)
Terry Fisher: Emmanuel (Fisher)
Terry Fisher, et al: Please Don't Preach (On that scripture tonight) (Fisher)
Terry Fisher, et al: Only the Father Knows (Fisher)
Fishyodor: ‘Cinnati (Fisher)
The Sherri Fitzgerald Band: 1st Peter 5: 9, 10 (S. Fitzgerald)
Sherri Fitzgerald w/Brent Eresman: Consider It All Joy (S. Fitzgerald)
John Gould: Slow Me Down (Gould)
Rick & Hodgie: Can You Imagine the City (Hodgetts)
Rick & Hodgie: O Come Lord Jesus (Mapes)
Diann Marksberry: No One Loves Me Like You Do (D. Marksberry)
Rick Marksberry: Canaan, Can You Hear Me (R. Marksberry)
Rick Marksberry: Hoedown (R. Marksberry)
Randy Moody: The Kingdom (Moody)
Randy Moody: The Sinsong (Moody)
Kent Odor: Begin (Odor)
Odor / O’Hara, et al: Magnify (Wilshire)
Marc O'Hara: Praise the Lord (O'Hara)
Perkolaters: On Top of the World (Fields-Wilson)
Prodigal: Shout It Out (Boldman)
Rising Hope: I Am the Bread of Life (M. Suzanne Toolan)
Rising Hope: The Lord Will Be My Snowtires (Johnson)
Tony Ross: Worries of the World (Ross)
Steve and Barb Steffens: Psalm 143 (B. Steffens)
Steve and Barb Steffens: Psalm 128 (B. Steffens)
The Steffens & Brigance Group: Take My Hand (S. Steffens- B. Steffens)
Sharon Williams: Maranatha (Williams)
Sharon Williams: Isaiah 55 (Williams)
Willoughby-Wilson Band: Standing in the Wake of the Storm (Wilson)
Al Willoughby: The Reward of His Suffering (Willoughby)
Mike Wilshire: Cross-Town Transfer (Wilshire)

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Mike Stephens said...

Cool I always have loved Andy singing "What makes a man real" Glad you included that !