Wednesday, April 1, 2009

another recording session

Sunday night another group of grizzly JH veterans gathered for a recording session. Rick & Diann Marksberry hosted us. Included in the evening, although not everyone is pictured below: Deny Brigance, Andy Danzel, Brent Eresman, Terry Fisher, Rick & Diann Marksberry, Kent Odor, Marc & Linny O'Hara, Sharon Wilson Williams and her son-in-law Amos (?). We recorded, ate chili, and talked lots. The recording is now over 30 songs! Yes, Kent Odor finally got his wish. At the end of the evening he and I recorded a quick one-take of "Get the Sin Out of Cincinnati."
Special thanks to Marc O'Hara for the photos.


MarcO said...

Hi Terry,

I'm reading this from work and somethings may be blocked. However last time I looked at your blog "followers" I saw Emily from the old JH days. I can't recall her last name. Do you have her email address?

revfish said...

I do not have an email for her.

sharma said...

Mark S. Berry Attack Media Group. Mark is an industry recognized record producer/engineer/mixer with over 36 gold and platinum records.