Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This will be our fifth!
And it's just a few days away.
I'm really impressed by the people who are flying in from out of state and in at least one case, from out of country.
It will be wonderful to see everyone.
Preparation for the reunion has prompted memories, some of which I've written in this blog.
Some memories are good.
Some memories are painful.
Life is a series of experiences; some great and some bad. From those experiences come memories.
I think that those who are attending the Reunion are people with good memories of the Jesus House.
Good memories of friendships established within those walls.
And for some of you, good memories of becoming a Christian.
If past Reunions are an indication, a good time will be had by all.

The First Reunion: May 14, 1989 at Fellowship Christian Church
It was a one-day reunion beginning at 2:00 with Terry Fisher and concluding around midnight with fishyodor and friend Marc O'Hara. Also included that day were Hodgie, Lee Benken, Deny Brigance (with band) Rough Draft, John Gould, Loyd Boldman (with band) and the Willoughby-Wilson Band. The reunion was organized by Joan Boertlline with a promotional poster by Loyd Boldman.

The Second Reunion: April 30 & May 1, 1999, Pleasant Run Church of Christ
An expanded reunion with the addition of Friday evening. Seventeen artist or bands played and Dr. Foster spoke.

The Third: May, 2001, Pleasant Run Church of Christ
A similar cast of characters, once again two days, and the return of Dr. Foster who told the story of his experience at our very first Conglomerate. He said that when he left the previous reunion, he didn't know if we would ever ask him back but just in case, he wrote the message he would present. It was a great message. adamsfishy had to play without Kent so Marc O'Hara, once again filled a spot with us. We concluded the night with spontaneous worship that included Jim Wilson, Rick Fields, Hodgie joining Marc, Christopher and me on stage.

The 4th: May, 2004, Pleasant Run Church of Christ
adamsfishyodor was back in full-force! Deny Brigance showed up! We toured the Jesus House property!
It was a great reunion.

And now, the Fifth and, no doubt, final Reunion: May 2, 2009, Highview Christian Church 2651 Adams Road in Mt. Healthy, not far from the Jesus House Building.
A great line-up of musicians plus a brand new, hot off the duplicator, 42 song double CD of many of your favorite original songs from the Jesus House performed by the original artists. It will be yours free just for attending, and sitting through a brief, 45 minute presentation on a unique opportunity we want to offer you on some vacation condos in Florida...no, no, no, there will be no presentation on vacation condos. The CD's are free to you as a gift from the artists who wrote, recorded and performed the songs.

One of the most dramatic reunions is found in the Bible in the story of the Prodigal Son, sometimes referred to as the Forgiving Father. The son had no idea what kind of reception he would receive upon arriving at his childhood home. When he asked his father for his share of the inheritance, he was, in essence saying, "Dad, I wish you were dead." He knew he was arriving back home as a failure. He brought no gifts from his travels other than an empty stomach, worn out clothes, and a broken spirit. The humility with which he intended to approach his father was his lesson learned. That is until he found himself in his father's forgiving embrace. Then he learned about love and grace. The father knew how to host a reunion!

I thank my God for you whenever I think of you. My constant prayers for you are a real joy, because we have worked together for this gospel from the first day until the present. I am confident of this: that the One who has begun his good work in you will go on developing it until the day of Jesus Christ. It is only natural that I should feel like this about you all - you are very dear to me.
Philippians 1:3-7

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