Thursday, March 26, 2009

images from the past

In 1971, I drove down to Fountain Square in Cincinnati because I heard Arthur Blessett was speaking at something called Spiritual Revolution Day. It proved to be a life-changing day. That was the day I met Randy Matthews and some of the high school students who were involved in putting together the Jesus House. This photo appeared on the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer the next morning. It was a great day.

Larry Norman was supposed to appear at the first Spiritual Revolution Day but sent Randy Stonehill instead. The following year they both appeared along with Phil Keaggy's band Glass Harp. This is one of the flyers from that day. Norman was absolutely incredible. Many years later, I attended a music conference in Colorado where Keaggy taught a workshop. During the question and answer period I asked him about Glass Harp's appearance at SRD and what the other two members of the band thought. He explained that even though the others were not Christians, they respected his faith and were very happy to participate in the event.

Hope you like these images from the ancient past.


MarcO said...

Thank you Brother. Spiritual Revolution Day is where Linny was saved and we were both baptized in the Ohio River. We had some explaining to do to her mother.
What a great day.

Spiritual Revolution Day 2 was a blast since I was Lillie Knauls chauffeur and roadie. Lillie was a sweet wonderful gracious lady to put up with my old Plymouth Fury station wagon that had 4 snow tires on it in the summer. BTW she was part of the great Edwin Hawkins Singers choir. I got to meet Larry Norman and hang out with Randy too. Great memories of two great days.

Gary Sweeten said...

Terry, Thanks for the memories and the photos. I was Assoc Dean at UC and it was our group that sponsored the Jesus Rev Days. I was able to get the stadium for one of them. (Jesus Rev 3?)

Marcus, I have a photo of the baptisms we did that day in the Ohio River. I remember a picture of Kirk Prine setting up communion on the river bank with a bunch of river soaked bearded guys and long haired girls coming out of the water.

My son Tim was a little tike giving the "One-Way-Jeus-Way sign to everybody. I was in touch with Lily for several years but lost track after a while.

Michael W Cristiani said...

Looks like Steve Steffens there in the front row, under the speaker's left elbow. If so, cool. This was BC for me, but what a pic.

Peace and All Good!

revfish said...

That does look like Steve. I'll have to ask him if he was there. The last guy to the extreme left whose face you can see is Randy Matthews.

Gary, I believe you spoke briefly at the first SRD after the march through downtown.