Thursday, March 5, 2009

adamsfishyodor, ancient days

Since I treated you to recent pics of the adamsfishyodor recording session I thought it fitting that I include a few photos from the past, some from way, way past. Three of the four are in black and white. Hope you enjoy them, and, no laughing!

The first one is from one of our very first performances at the Jesus House. If my memory is correct, we did not actually perform a concert that evening, but decided to perform Moses in the same clothing we used when we performed the song at our school's talent show. So, here we are, in our bib overalls with Christopher playing his upright bass, Kent on someone's steel string acoustic and me on Kent's nylon string.

A few months later it was Christmas! Kent decided I desperately needed a pair of red, knee-high tennis shoes. In those days, I wore converse nearly all the time. I alternated between a pair of white high tops and blue low cut, depending on the rest of my wardrobe. Not sure about the expression on Kent's face...

A year later, adamsfishyodor, decided on a return performance at the CBS Talent Show. We went electric and performed "Whole Lot More of Jesus and a Lot Less Rock & Roll." Yes, Christopher actually wore a priest's shirt and, you cannot tell in the photo, but I have the red knee-high tennis shoes on but hidden under the pants of my blue denim suit.

Long before there was a Jesus House Reunion, adamsfishyodor performed reunion concerts. Actually we performed four, the first two were weekend tours which included performances at the One Way House in Springfield, Fellowship Christian Church, and Wings of Deliverance Temple, in addition to the Jesus House. This photo is from the third reunion. Each reunion had a theme and T-Shirts. I still have my shirt from the second reunion. If anyone else still has yours, please bring them to the JH Reunion, May 2!

I have other photos which I might include in future posts, but that's enough for now...

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed at the Jesus House the First Weekend in March

1972 - John Gould, Sharon Wilson
1973 - Koinania (No, not the great jazz group from the late 1980's)
1974 - Latter Reign (The first time they played the JH we had them as Latter Rain, but we were wrong!)
1975 - John Elliott
1976 - Jon Owens
1977 - White Horse (Just about as loud as the music ever got!)
1978 - Showbread
1979 - Rick Roberts
1980 - Brent Eresman; Lois & Marsha
1981 - Monte
1982 - Randy Morris
1983 - Brad Coleman (Brad was a student from Miami University who sang "He Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" and "And I saw his face, now I'm a believer" He also juggled!)

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