Monday, March 23, 2009

Reunion Update

This will be a brief entry. I promise two longer ones later in the week since I missed last week.
Last night Deny Brigance, Andy Danzel and I converged on Rick Marksberry's house to complete a couple of songs for the Jesus House Recording Project. Between swapping stories, catching up, and remembering the past we actually completed some recording!
"Don't Preach on that Scripture Tonight" is now a do wap song with harmonies compliments of Deny, Andy & Rick. As Deny said last night, "When you used to sing this song at the house, this is the way I always heard it in my head." Those guys did an amazing job.
We sent Andy home to his wife around 10:00, Deny and I finally left closer to midnight. Driving home, I listened to several of the songs to be included on the project. It will be an eclectic collection of great music. Copies will be available at the Reunion.
If last night is any indication, the reunion will be an incredible experience.
We will celebrate the life God gave us together all those years ago.
We will celebrate the life God has given each of us since those days.
We will celebrate the great gift of music.
We will celebrate Jesus.
I hope you are planning to be there.
Spread the word.

May 2, 2009, starting around 3:00 in the afternoon and finishing around 11:00.
Times are approximate now and will be firmed once we know the complete list of musicians.
The location is Highview Christian Church on Adams Road in Mt. Healthy not far from the Jesus House building.
We will not be using the Jesus House building because it is a private home and I'm pretty sure they do not want us performing music in their living room and drinking soft drinks in their kitchen!

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Keywest said...

Actually, the folks who bought the house are pretty cool. They might not mind. :)