Wednesday, March 4, 2009

afo recording session

Sunday evening, March 1, afo gathered at the Alyssa Fisher Recording Studio somewhere in the hidden areas of Mt. Lookout in Cincinnati and, along with producer & engineer Deny Brigance "layed down some tracks" as they say. Below are some images captured that evening by Alyssa Fisher. The group is most grateful for her generosity in opening her space to a group of rowdy musician types all old enough to be her father, which, in fact one of them is.
They recorded Child of the King and Sohio Station Blues to be included on the forthcoming Jesus House Recording to be featured at the next, and mostly likely final, Jesus House Reunion, May 2, at Highview Christian Church on Adams Road in the Mt. Healthy area of Cincinnati.
If I saw these photos for the first time without explanation, I would not be sure who these old guys are, but since I know they are in fact the beloved adamsfishyoder, and since I was there, I have to accept the fact that they are in fact the three young men we knew "all those years ago".

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