Monday, March 9, 2009


The Jesus House found multiple ways to commune together.
The following contains three examples:

Occasionally, in the summer, we hosted Sunday picnics on the grounds complete with softball games across the street at the elementary school ball fields, burgers grilled on our "back deck," homemade ice cream and people, lots and lots of people sitting outside on the grass.

In the early '70's Kent Odor suggested we host a weekly, early morning, communion time on Sundays. It sounded like a great idea, except for the fact that we were a late, Saturday night ministry that usually did not close the doors till midnight. Who was going to get up early on Sunday morning to lead people in communion. Who else? Kent! After all, it was his idea. So for about six months, maybe longer (My brain blocked out the details. I have a vague memory of people downstairs sharing communion. Sometimes I joined them. Well, maybe not as often as sometimes. Maybe every once in awhile, okay, maybe not even that often. I'm pretty sure I showed up at least three times.)
Kent led 7:00 am Lord's Supper. (If it's in the morning, as it is in most churches, why is it not called Lord's Breakfast?) Kent was always great for keeping his commitments. I don't remember why we stopped this.

The most common way we communed involved going out to eat. Yes, at midnight, after the house closed, we adjourned to a local eating establishment. Massive quantities of Jesus House people eating massive quantities of food in restaurants usually in the direction of Northgate Mall. The destination varied from season to season, year to year. Dunkin' Donuts was one of the early places as was White Castle. Later, we moved to Denny's for many, many years. Perkins also received our culinary attention. This post-concert experience was invaluable for getting to know people better. I am grateful for the restaurant managers, servers and cooks who supplied us with space and food so we were able to commune with one another. I hope the tips were sufficient!

Special Congratulations! Jim & Wendy Wilson (Willoughby-Wilson Band) became grandparents this past weekend!

This Week in History: Artists Who Performed at the Jesus House the Second Week of March

1972 - Dave Grove, Deanna Yager & Eric Fruge (Great friends from Georgetown College!)
1973 - John & Sandy
1974 - One Way House Night (A variety of friends from the One Way House in Springfield, Ohio performed.)
1975 - Carl & Larry
1976 - Jim Bankowski
1977 - Rising Hope
1978 - Prodigal
1979 - Karen Hess, Samantha from Indianapolis
1980 - Rob Rodebush (aka Showcrumb)
1981 - Tim Root
1982 - Dave Workman (although in those days sometimes we called him "Davy." Dont' tell anyone at the Vineyard.
1983 - In the Spirit


Euphrates said...

Dude...I still call him Davy. Out loud even. :) (When I visit anyway)

Matthew Ronan said...

"the Lords breakfast!" =brilliant!!!